Joss Whedon says best is yet to come on Dollhouse

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Because television as it's made is on a different timetable as television as it's watched, there's always a disconnect between the people who work on television and the people who consume it. So when Joss Whedon was all giddy over the sixth episode of Dollhouse--"Man on the Street"--while we were all watching the first, fans were scratching their head trying to figure out what the big deal was.

Joss checked in with the media this morning, and guess what: we're all about to watch episode number six, and he's still all giddy over it. It's about time we reconnected!

"What happened with 'Man on the Street' is it came to me as a concept really quick," Whedon explained. "And I pitched it to the network, and they said, 'Oh yeah, we get it.' I wrote it faster than anything I've ever written. It really was a game changer for us, a lot of tumblers fell into place."

If Whedon's promise of greatness is correct, then it means kick-ass things for the future of the series. Whedon says 'Man on the Street' isn't just a singularly stand-out episode, but it was used as a model of the rest of the episodes.

Those who haven't seen Dollhouse or tuned out after the first few episodes won't have a problem getting a grip of what's going on in "Man on the Street," according to Whedon. Everything gets explained in the episode, because the major emphasis of the episode is… to explain everything.

"['Man on the Street'] gets under the skin of the Dollhouse," says Whedon. "It comes at [the series] sideways."

Many of Whedon's faithful fans may already be staring at the screen sideways when watching Dollhouse, looking for the witty banter that Whedon is known for. Well, they can stop looking for it.

"There is humor in the show, there's a lot in the episode after 'Man on the Street.' But the fact of the matter is this isn't a comedy. If there is a typical Whedon show, this is not it," says Whedon. "If people are feeling like its too serious, then either their expectation has to be changed, or we have to lighten up a little."

By now, fans are also wondering what's up with the show's mysterious characters, like Paul Ballard, Sierra, Victor, and others. These mysteries won't be solved right away, says Whedon, as the attention of season one is squarely on the Dollhouse and Echo. However, the rest of the cast will be fleshed out if Dollhouse lives to see a second season.

Dollhouse has definitely kicked it up a notch since that yucky third episode--agree? Do you think "Man on the Street" will kick it up to your must-watch list?

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