July 26, 2005 DVD Releases


Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Season One

One of the most highly anticipated television DVD releases is finally here! Well, sort of. What's being sold exclusively through Best Buy beginning July 26 is the UK version of the boxed set. The main difference between these episodes and what we've seen on the Sci-Fi Channel is that the episodes here feature a different opening than those in the US, as these are the versions that have been shown on SkyOne in the UK. This set has been previously available in the UK, but it has now been formatted so that it's compatible with DVD players in North America. The four discs here contain all 13 episodes as well as deleted scenes.

The remake of Battlestar Galactica has been better than anyone had any reason to believe it would be. First of all, the actors and actresses are fantastic and have been given intriguingly strong but flawed characters to portray. Edward James Olmos anchors the series as the best starship leader since Captain Picard, and the female Starbuck, as played by Katee Sackhoff, is easily one of the best characters on television. The special effects and camera work are also top-notch. The storyline, a harrowing reinterpretation of the original, is played out in serial fashion: the Cylons have practically obliterated the humans' homeworlds and the few human survivors have scraped together ships, led by the Galactica, to search for the mythical Earth, with the Cylons in hot pursuit.

Those interested in the full DVD set of the American version need only wait until September 20, when Universal releases a five-disc set of season one, containing even more extra features, as well as the 2003 miniseries and new box art. (Description by Walter Morbeck)

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3rd Rock from the Sun

Season One

Alien High Commander Dick Solomon (John Lithgow) and his motley crew arrived on the 3rd Rock from the Sun on a mission to learn everything about humankind. Disguised as a "normal" American family, the aliens stumbled through milestones and pitfalls, gaining new insight into life on Earth in each episode. 3rd Rock gave viewers a chance to see the human condition from an outsider's unbiased perspective, and the resulting lessons were both hysterical and touching.

This four-disc DVD set presents the Solomon family's first discoveries about human emotions through 20 memorable episodes, such as "Brains and Eggs" (the series premiere), "Dick, Smoker," "Truth or Dick," and "Assault with a Deadly Dick." The satisfyingly long list of special features includes a bloopers reel, a full cast interview, an exclusive peek behind the scenes of 3rd Rock, and much more.

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Star Trek: Enterprise

The Complete Second Season

In 2001's installment of the Star Trek saga, the crew of the first warp-five starship explores the mid-22nd-century galaxy under the guidance of Captain Jonathan Archer. Set 150 years before the first Star Trek series, Enterprise shows the crew encountering familiar Star Trek races, such as the Klingons and Andorians, for the first time, meeting other new friends and foes, and realizing that their time is a battlefield in the Temporal Cold War.

This second season of Star Trek: Enterprise wrapped up the Shockwave cliff-hanger set up at the end of the first season, showed the continued exploration of space, and introduced the Xindi story arc, which would dominate the show's third season. This DVD box set includes seven discs, 26 episodes, and an array of extras, such as text and audio commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, cast profiles, and Enterprise secrets.

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Xena: Warrior Princess

The 10th Anniversary Collection

Xena, the villain first introduced to the world in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, has experienced a change of heart and decided to fight the powers of evil and atone for the sins of her past. Her reward is her own series, in which she travels the countryside and battles enemies with the help of her loving companion, Gabrielle. This 10th anniversary DVD set comprises the 16 episodes--selected by Xena fans--which best document the journey of friendship between Xena and Gabrielle.

Fans will appreciate the ultra-long list of extras: cast and crew interviews, audio commentaries, and a host of featurettes, including Xena's Hong Kong Origins, Seeing Double, Mythology vs. Xena, and a visit to the 2005 10th Anniversary Xena Convention.

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America's Funniest Home Videos

Volume One

From intricately planned practical jokes to completely unexpected mistakes and disasters, our daily lives are filled with painfully funny moments and moments of funny pain. The introduction of the home video camera made it possible for Americans to capture and preserve their personal "bloopers," and in 1989, America's Funniest Home Videos began bringing the laughs to TV.

These 12 episodes--hosted by Tom Bergeron--feature some of the country's best in gross toddler antics, weddings gone awry, cringe-worthy sports injuries, unusual animal behavior, and so much more. Try to guess who'll win the $100,000 season finale, and be sure to check out the bonus disc with parts one and two of the famed 300th episode, which compiles classic clips from over a decade of embarrassment and hilarity.

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The Brady Bunch

Season Two

Here's the story: The second season of The Brady Bunch is finally out on DVD!

In the first season of The Brady Bunch, single parents Michael Paul Brady and Carol Ann Tyler Martin joined forces to create one big, mostly happy family. By the second season, the "honeymoon phase" was over and the Brady clan had settled into everyday life. Mike and Carol dispensed sage advice and warm smiles, housekeeper Alice delivered equally hearty laughs and meals, and the six kids never encountered a problem that couldn't be solved by the end of an episode.

Head back to the comfortably familiar Brady abode with this 24-episode set, and revisit Brady memories such as Greg's first job, Bobby's sprained ankle, Cindy's tonsillitis, and Jan's imaginary boyfriend. It's wholesome fun your whole family will enjoy!

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Season Six

Return to Dr. Michaela Quinn's home on the range for the sixth and final season of this award-winning drama, much praised for its historical accuracy and moral values. Colorado Springs and its residents have grown quite a bit since the inception of the series, and viewers will enjoy the chance to see some of the show's long-running storylines finally resolved. Season six of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman dealt with serious topics such as epidemics, alcoholism, and growing tension between settlers and Native Americans.

This six-disc set includes 22 beautifully produced episodes such as "Reason to Believe," "A Place Called Home," and "A New Beginning." Learn more about the Dr. Quinn cast through exclusive biographies, and hear commentary by Jane Seymour and James Keach on the Emmy-nominated episode "Point Blank."

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Gilligan's Island

The Complete Third Season

It may come as a surprise to hear that Gilligan's Island only ran for three seasons, but fortunately our seven favorite castaways appear in a full 30 episodes on this three-disc set. Gilligan's writers were extremely creative during the last season, finding ways to get the characters "off the island" through dream sequences, delusions, and musical theater. Guest stars like Don Rickles and Rory Calhoun dropped by, and Gilligan and company met with trouble in the form of vampire bats, radioactive vegetables, and voodoo dolls.

Series creator Sherwood Schwartz appears in a special season introduction, and gives audio commentary on "The Producer" (episode four). Also included is the mini-documentary Gilligan's Island: A Pop Culture Phenomenon, which should give fans some insight on the impact that the show had on all of our lives.

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Complete Second Season

Nearly three years after the release of The Mary Tyler Moore Show's first season, the second installment has finally arrived on DVD. Mary Richards has settled into her new life in Minneapolis and the WJM-TV newsroom, and with her, we begin to learn more about her friends and coworkers. Grumpy Lou Grant and self-absorbed Ted Baxter show their softer sides as they deal with family problems. Serious issues, such as adultery, anti-Semitism, and death are presented in ways that still seem fresh and relevant.

These three discs are jam-packed with 24 episodes and a plethora of extras, such as audio commentary, a photo gallery, and Emmy award-show clips. Check out the two mini-documentaries, one "docucomedy," Mad Magazine parody, and--most exciting--a karaoke track of the show's classic theme song, "Love is All Around."

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Remington Steele

Season One

Struggling detective Laura Holt (deft actress Stephanie Zimbalist) invents a fictional boss, Remington Steele, in order to attract clients who would not take her seriously without a male partner. The plan works quite well until a mysterious con- man (a fresh-faced young Pierce Brosnan) assumes the identity of Steele and decides, infuriatingly, to stick around. Holt has no choice but to team up with the suave and arrogant interloper and the pair is off on a crime-fighting spree full of laughter, romance, and endless references to classic films.

Follow the mystery-solving duo through 22 episodes of camp and chemistry on this four-disc set, which comes complete with audio commentaries, character profiles, and a "making-of" featurette.

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Benny Hill Complete and Unadulterated

The Naughty Early Years, Set Three

Benny Hill is back with this third set of smutty sketches, which is a rare chance for American viewers to see these 10 episodes in their original, hour-long format. The Benny Hill Show usually aired on US channels in chopped-up half-hour episodes, and even when it was shown in longer form, some scenes were always lost to editing.

Hill's unmatched talent for imitation and satire are sure to keep you rolling on the floor through infamous skits such as "The Reluctant Bridegroom" and gut-busting ballads like "Beach of Waikiki." Check out the silent movie Eddie in August, and don't forget to take the Benny Hill Cheeky Challenge Trivia Quiz #3!

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The Fab Five Collection

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fans will be thrilled to get all four of these hysterical and informative DVDs in one box set. Carson Kressley dispenses laughter and killer wardrobe advice in Carson's Style, and Kyan Douglas and Jai Rodriguez's Everyman's Guide gives tips on culture and grooming fit to accompany those designer duds. To be a "total package," you'll also need to host like a pro, which should be no problem after a little help from Thom Filicia's Home By Thom and Ted Allen's Guide to Entertaining at Home. Thom and Ted will get your pad looking perfect and your dinner tasting delicious in no time at all.

Once you've got yourself up to snuff, you'll be glad to sit down and enjoy all four bonus discs--including outtakes and episodes from seasons one and two and a sexy collection of groove-laden deep-house mixes.

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Vicki-AFHV,Doctor Quinn medicine woman
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Battlestar Galactica Season 1, about time. I'll get one.
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3 years for MTM season 2? WOW! What about season 2 of The Munsters or some Addams family stuff?
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I still wait for the best one
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Case Closed anime dvds are also coming this year.
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when is the wonder years dvd coming out.
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