June 14, 2005 Releases

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Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

The Best of Kyan and Jai's Looking Good

Straight guys take note: Kyan and Jai are here to save the day!

Kyan, aka Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's grooming guru, is going to warmly and gently give you great gay tips on how to look and feel better. Straight guys the world over agree that life has much improved since learning to "always work hair product in from the back" and to "always shave with the grain of your face." Now, you won't believe you ever lived without Kyan's essential advice.

Jai, Queer Eye's culture vulture, will give straight guys some subtle, welcome tips about how to be more socially graceful. He'll refine your appreciation of the arts and music while giving you valuable tips to help you impress friends, woo women, or land that important job!

Plus, enjoy the bonus CD of cool, soulful, and sexy deep-house mixes. This DVD set is "straight" from them to you!

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Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

The Best of Carson's Style

Here comes Carson Kressley, Queer Eye's resident fashion guru. He dispenses the fashion 411 while spewing out gay-larious one-liners.

In this two-disc DVD set, the fashion maven helps straight guys create their own dashing looks. He also offers advice on how to create a fabulous couture image. You'll see Carson showcase some of his favorite fashion moments from the show, and then he'll give you some tips on how to achieve your own one-of-a-kind look.

Get on board and help yourself out, straight guys. You can't go out looking like that!

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The Fairly OddParents

School's Out! The Musical

Summer is coming to Dimmsdale, and the grown-ups are worried that once school's out, the town will be overrun by uncontrollable maniacs--aka kids!

A mysterious man named Flappy Bob convinces the parents to enroll the kids in Flappy Bob's Happy Peppy Learnatorium, a school where the kids will be monitored all summer. Once there, the kids learn the meaning of "stolen summer." Now, Timmy vows to find a way to make summer fun again, and he does so with song!

This DVD contains bonus episodes of the hilarious cartoon FOP, as well as "Oh, Yeah!" shorts, and an appearance by FOP on MTV's TRL. Now that's something to sing about!

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The King Of Queens

The Complete Fourth Season

It's good to be the King. That is, unless your grouchy father-in-law lives in your basement, your parcel delivery job is full of mishaps, and your wife is always yelling at you to stop eating turkey drumsticks late at night! The fourth season of the hilarious and poignant sitcom King of Queens arrives on DVD for your viewing pleasure, and what a pleasure it is! This season, the wackiness includes spy cams in the basement, the hoarding of airplane oxygen masks, and Spence sitting in the garage!

So get your special delivery of laughs from the 25 episodes on this three-disc set, complete with bonus previews. Long live the King of Queens!

Watch a clip from the The King of Queens DVD here!

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Northern Exposure

The Complete Third Season

Return to Cicely, Alaska, with the third season of Northern Exposure, and enjoy the season that was nominated for 16 Emmys and won six. This three-disc set contains all 23 episodes of the third season of the quirky and charming dramedy.

Catch up with your old pals Joel (Rob Morrow), Maggie (Janine Turner), and "Chris In The Morning" (John Corbett). Episodes include the aptly titled "Animals R Us," the poignant "The Bumpy Road to Love," and the memorable "Wake Up Call."

With almost two hours of bonus features, including deleted scenes, unexposed footage, extended scenes, and lost storylines, you can "expose" yourself for a good long time!

Watch a clip from the Northern Exposure DVD here!

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Little House on the Prairie

The Complete Season 8

It might be a Little House, but it's a big two-disc set of the entire eighth season of this classic television show!

Get moved by the drama as kids are influenced by a daredevil, the Olesons adopt Nancy, Almonzo has a stroke, John is shot and goes into a coma, and much, much more in this turbulent season.

It's a DVD set full of dramatic occurrences out on the "prairie."

Watch a clip from the Little House on the Prairie DVD here!

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Highlander: The Raven

The Complete Series

You don't have to be an immortal warrior to enjoy this incredible box set of the electrifying Highlander: Immortal spin-off, Highlander: The Raven.

The sexy and dangerous Amanda Deriuex has roamed the world for 1,200 years, romancing kings, battling alongside heroes, cavorting with thieves, and clashing blades with untold evils. Now she arrives on DVD!

Highlander: The Raven Collection contains all 22 explosive and action-packed episodes of the series. This nine-disc collector's set is full of bonus material created especially for the DVD set, and each disc is chock-full of behind-the-scenes audio and video from cast and crew, detailed cast bios, series trivia, featurettes, and an awesome blooper reel!

Watch a clip from the Highlander: The Raven DVD here!

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