June 7, 2005 Releases


The Sopranos

The Complete Fifth Season

Sopranos fans have quite a bit of waiting to do before the show's sixth season hits the air. Fortunately, the wait will be made much easier by today's box set release of The Sopranos - the Complete Fifth Season.

According to series creator David Chase, the theme of The Sopranos' fifth season was "the limitations of family and friendship." We see the crumbling of Tony's family and business relationships, and we sense a growing intensity in all affairs. The cast members succeed in bringing new depths to their characters, acknowledged by Emmy awards for Michael Imperioli, Drea de Matteo, and The Sopranos itself. The release of several "family" members from prison brings new faces to the show, including Steve Buscemi in the role of Tony Blundetto, a troublesome cousin.

This four-disc set comprises 13 episodes and four fascinating audio commentaries with directors Steve Buscemi, Peter Bogdanovich, Mike Figgis, and Rodrigo Garcia.

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The Complete Fifth Season

Frasier is one of TV's chosen few: a spin-off series that reached dizzying heights of success. The show broke Emmy records, won several other prestigious awards, and stayed on the air for 11 years. Season five originally aired in 1997 and included classic episodes such as "Frasier's Imaginary Friend,” "My Fair Frasier," and the hysterical "The Ski Lodge," in which a winter vacation provides romantic high jinks for the whole group.

Don't let the lack of extras dissuade you from enjoying the 24 episodes on this four-disc set--they are more than funny enough to stand alone.

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Lois and Clark - The New Adventures of Superman

The Complete First Season

Long before Teri Hatcher took up residence on Wisteria Lane, she lived in a city called Metropolis and loved a man named Clark Kent. Her role as Lois Lane in The New Adventures of Superman earned Teri the title of "Sexiest Woman in Cyberspace," but she was not the only shining star on the show. Dean Cain brought Superman and Clark Kent into the real world, showing us that even a hero must deal with problems of the heart, and John Shea stood out as villain Lex Luthor.

Watch the love between Lois and Clark develop as season one runs its 21-episode course over these six discs. Extras include "From Rivals to Romance," a series retrospective featuring interviews with Hatcher and Cain; "Taking Flight: the Visual Effects of Lois and Clark"; a pilot introduction; and a commemorative bonus disc featuring the Smallville episode "Crusade."

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Stargate: Atlantis

Rising (Pilot Episode)

In Stargate: Atlantis, a new team of Stargate explorers gains access to the legendary sunken city of Atlantis. The advanced city is mysteriously deserted except for a group of strange nomadic humans and a fearsome race of aliens known as The Wraith.

This DVD release features the pilot episode of Stargate: Atlantis along with some great extras: audio commentary by director Martin Wood and actor Joe Flanigan; a "Preview to Atlantis" featurette; a sneak peek of Stargate: Atlantis Season 2; the Stargate Alliance Videogame Trailer; and Stargate Alliance Videogame Art .

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The X-Files Mythology

Volume One: Abduction

The first episode on this DVD set is the series pilot, in which FBI agent Dana Scully has been assigned a new partner. The rational Scully must keep an eye on Fox Mulder, who believes that aliens abducted his sister when they were children. The pair will investigate bizarre cases that cannot be solved by conventional methods.

This four-disc X-Files set consists of 16 episodes from the first three seasons of the show, and follows the government conspiracy story arc. Extras include writers' commentary on selected episodes and part one of "Threads of Mythology," a documentary explaining the meaning of The X-Files.

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Wonder Woman

The Complete Third Season

The third and final season of Wonder Woman presented fans with some of the best and most action-packed episodes of the series. Lynda Carter continues to fight evil with her bracelets and lariat, and "evil" really is quite a formidable foe. Highlights include an appearance by Leif Garrett as a kidnapped teen idol; a woman who controls armies of ants; an evil brain in search of a body; and a display of Carter's vocal talents when Diana Price goes undercover at a recording agency.

Once you're done watching all 24 episodes on the four-disc set, spend some time with the fabulous extras. Listen to audio commentary by Lynda Carter on "My Teenage Idol is Missing," watch the featurette "Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Feminist Icon," and check out the bonus DVD containing an episode from the 1974 series Shazam!

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