Junior MasterChef rakes in the dough

Junior MasterChef Australia has confirmed a lucrative line-up of sponsors to capitalise on the money-making potential seen in the original series that brought in $3 million for TEN from the Coles tie-in alone.

The line-up of sponsors include Unilever, Meat and Livestock Australia, Sunbeam, Kellogg's and Birds Eye. MasterChef Australia will also see the brand continue its partnership with Coles, which saw an impressive increase in profits from their deal with the most recent series.

Returning with a series of specific commercials and in-store promotions, Coles is highly likely to once again be the MasterChef Australia viewers grocery store of choice.

With a clear focus on the MasterChef Australia brand as a household name, TEN is clearly attempting to monetise the vast popularity associated with one of the biggest shows on Australian television today.

The news of the Junior MasterChef Australia sponsorship deal comes days after a series of MasterChef Australia live events were announced. The events are due to take place in Sydney at the beginning of December, with the culinary festivities featuring judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan, as well as former contestants.

At this rate, TEN could turn into MasterChef overkill, with the oversaturation killing the brand in its tracks.

Junior MasterChef Australia premieres 7.30pm Sunday, September 12, on TEN.

Can the MasterChef brand maintain its momentum? Will you be watching?

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i love nick

The problem with the masterchef series is overkill as you say in the article. I watch US and UK versions of Masterchef and they dont go through nearly the same number of episodes in a season. Masterchef US is finishing the season next week after only 6 or 7 weeks.

I was bored with Masterchef by the time season 2 ended. Hopefully this version doesnt bore me as much

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