Justin Bieber Appears at the Very End of this CSI Promo Video

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Other than that, it's actually pretty cool.

OMG! The Vampire Diaries Season 2 trailer!

This dude with no arms played piano on China's Got Talent. Impressive.

SNL's Jenny Slate wrote, directed, and voiced this cute little video.

I love a good Inception parody.


... Okay, who's excited for Season 2 of The League?

... Brace your shoulder pads! With the way fashion is going these days, all girls in New York will eventually turn into Seinfeld's Elaine Benes.

... TVSquad talked to Fringe's Lance Reddick and Jasika Nicole about Season 3! I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!

... Chelsea Handler is hosting the MTV VMA's—and, yes, she wants another Kanye-Taylor showdown.

... Attention Hot in Cleveland fans: You can now buy shirts with Elka's mug shot on them.

... Someone needs to buy me the Glee Season 1 DVD set with journal, and stat.

... Fred Armisen is officially a dirty old man.

... Conan O'Brien and Jack White are releasing an album together, presumably under the moniker "The Red Stripes."

... In case you were wondering, Britney Spears is on the set of Glee and loving it.

... Bryan Cranston has had one hell of a career, eh?

... Big Brother's Rachel told former/fellow housemate Ragan that he sucks at being gay. Uh, what?

... How dare this company suggest that Anderson Cooper should ditch his sexy silver hair!

... io9 has your complete guide to all the sci-fi and fantasy television premiering this fall.

... Before The Starlost became a comic book, it was actually a pilot script—and you can read it here.

... Pamela Geller is against building a mosque near the World Trade Center site—and she's using South Park to support her argument.

... Here's an interview with Pitchmen star Anthony Sullivan.

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