Justin Bieber Goes Bald on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

Kimmel shaved the teen idol's head last night. Even if it's temporary, you have to admit that Bieber's new look is pretty disorienting. [via THR]

See what ABC's logo might have looked like if one of these vintage design concepts had been used. A lot of them are cooler than the network's current design. [via GawkerTV]

Last night on The Tonight Show, Parks and Recreation's perfect human man, Rob Lowe, asked the audience to help him fill out his Oscar ballot. How democratic!

In honor of Valentine's Day, TVSquad has compiled a supercut of TV characters making out.

As of Monday's premiere of Power Rangers Samurai, the iconic Power Rangers are back on TV—but this time, they're sporting new duds. Check out the latest iteration of their ass-kicking uniforms. [via io9]

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