Justin Timberlake Should Join the Cast of SNL

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Dear Lorne Michaels,

We have to hand it to you. For the first time in a long time, you've got a solid cast on Saturday Night Live. Sure, Tina Fey's gone, which is a bummer, but look at her go on 30 Rock! You must be so proud! Jimmy Fallon's gone, too, but he wasn't that great without Tina anyway, so it's not a big deal. You kept Kenan Thompson on as a regular, which gives us warm fuzzies to know that an All That idol made it big. All the boys (Jason Sudeikis, Andy Samberg, Bill Heder, Fred Armisen, Will Forte) are adorable. Bravo. And Kristen Wiig is phenomenal. It's too bad she's the only regular female player, but whatever. You've got a great team.

If you don't mind, though, we have a suggestion: Your musical numbers have gone the way of high production value. Samberg's digital shorts are hilarious, to be sure, but they don't have that same improvisational innocence of Fallon's and Adam Sandler's sensitive guitar serenades. You need someone who can bust a move, not only on Weekend Update (as Sandler and Fallon did so often) but throughout the show. The cast may be full of talented comedians, but they're not exactly light on their feet. They need someone to put a little bit of spring, or swing, in their steps.

You know who's always great on the show? Justin Timberlake. You ought to consider adding him to the cast. Seriously! I know he's right in the middle of his music career, but he's really popular and talented and people want to see him all the time, but eventually he'll be too old to claim the Prince of Pop throne he so rightfully earned. Why not get the ball rolling now?

He's a package deal: Not only does he have a resume full of recurring characters (Omeletteville/Homelessville/Surgeryville guy, Dick in a Box/Mother Lover guy, Robin Gibb) and a few more with promise (Peg, Cornelius Timberlake), but he'd also serve as the permanent in-house musical guest! No more booking agents, no more cheesy opening monologues, no more awkward interpretive rock music breaking up the show's flow. Just Justin.

At least tell us you'll think about it.



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