Kat Stewart tangles with confrontation

In Underbelly, Kat Stewart showed she could slap it up with the best of them, winning Logies and AFI Awards for her efforts.

In Newstopia and 30 Seconds she has shown her comic side. But in Showcase's upcoming Australian drama series Tangle, she will have to dig deep as the biological mother of a 15-year-old son who returns home after abandoning him.

"Nat's been in the UK for the past 10 years working as a TV presenter with some success," explains Stewart. "But things have been winding down for her and now she's back in Australia trying to put down her roots."

The character of Nat Manning arrives unexpectedly into the lives of Max (Blake Davis), his father Tim (Joel Tobeck) and step-mother Christine (Catherine McClements). It sends many in the family reeling.

"Max turns 15 on the day she arrives. It's kind of an age where it mightn't be too late to renew a relationship with him. He's kind of a kid, but he's still old enough to talk to each other as people.

"He's been raised by his natural father who Nat had an affair with, and Catherine McClements's character."

Stewart says her role, as a TV presenter on the downward slide, is both mischievous and playful.

"She can be quite harsh to people, but having said that what I like about her is she has a great sense of resilience and vulnerability," she says.

"I love her. She's a fun character to play. Very irreverent, smart and quick. She's a party girl."

With its emotional and domestic scenes, the 10-part drama, which also includes Justine Clarke, Ben Mendelsohn and Matt Day, is already been branded as a successor to Love My Way. It also comes from the same producer, John Edwards (Rush, The Secret Life of Us, Dangerous).

"The writing is fantastic. It doesn't let you off the hook. The relationships are really complex. Especially the stuff with Justine, Joel and Blake. There have been a couple of confrontation scenes and I don't find those easy because I don't like those in real life, so I always come away feeling 'ugh'.

"But even the fun stuff you can really get your teeth into as an actor."

Tangle premieres 8:30pm Thursday, October 1st, on Showcase.

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