Kathy Griffin joins D-vorce list

Comedian Kathy Griffin, who came to notoriety on the Brooke Shields sitcom Suddenly Susan, is filing for divorce from her husband of four years, computer consultant Matt Moline, according to E! Online. Griffin and Moline married in February of 2001 in a ceremony featuring Shields in the role of bridesmaid.

Moline was showcased prominently in Griffin's recent Bravo reality series, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, which chronicled Griffin's trials as a stand-up comedian who meets resistance in Hollywood due to her celebrity-lambasting schtick. In the series, Moline and Griffin seemed content, joking with each other and professing their love to the cameras.

"My relationship with Matt is phenomenal," Griffin said in one episode. In a seperate instance, Moline countered, "There aren't that many people that I could hang out with 24 hours a day. I love her sense of humor."

Throughout the season, Moline seemed to be supportive of Griffin, and Griffin seemed to be appreciative of her non-celebrity husband. In one memorable episode, Griffin asked Moline to sell her recently released Kathy Griffin: Allegedly DVDs in the lobby of one of her shows. When Moline was unprepared and seemed to be botching the job, Griffin was comically angry but quickly forgave him, and the couple kissed and made up.

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, Griffin cited 'irreconcilable differences' as the reason for the divorce. Also in the papers, Griffin stated that she wants their property to be divided evenly between them, and that she doesn't want to pay Moline spousal support.

It could be a case where the glare of the spotlight tore them apart: On August 3, Griffin told The Boston Herald that after five months Moline had grown unhappy with the show crews constantly in their home, filming the minutia of their lives. In a September 15 interview with The Windy City News, Griffin said that Bravo wanted a second season of D-List but that she had declined in part because the cameras were too intrusive.

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Oct 24, 2005
I'm going to miss the show like crazy, but I feel worse about the breakup. How very sad.
Oct 23, 2005
That is sad. They appeared to be so happy. Unless it was all an act and in that case. . WOW! Kathy is a better actress than I thought.
Oct 03, 2005
that's sad! they seemed like a good couple on the show.
Sep 29, 2005
Wow. ****s that a TV show (that I love) could screw up a marraige.

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