Kathy Griffin says ex-hubby stole

If comedy is tragedy plus time, stand-up comic Kathy Griffin will have some new material any day now.

The My Life on the D-List funny lady told CNN's Larry King that her ex-husband, Matt Moline, stole $72,000 from her, leading to their divorce. The interview, which was filmed last week for Larry King Live, airs Monday, July 10.

Griffin says that Moline, whom she divorced in May, stole her bank cards and siphoned money from her account.

"My ex-husband, without my knowledge, was sneaking into my wallet when I was asleep in the mornings and taking my ATM cards of my own private accounts and withdrawing money," Griffin says. "That money totaled $72,000. And he was systematically [stealing] over about a year and a half."

Griffin also tells King that the couple attended couple therapy but could never get past the issue.

Moline released a rebuttal statement saying he resented that Griffin was talking about their personal business.

"It saddens me that she would choose to make such accusations at this time. I have no intention of engaging in a public debate over private matters," Moline said in the statement.

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