Katie Couric Lands at ABC, Gets Daytime Show

... The long job search for Katie Couric has ended, as the former CBS Evening News anchor has signed a deal with ABC. In addition to contributing to ABC's news programs, she'll get what she really wanted: a syndicated daytime talk show that will cover subjects beyond the news. She's locked down the 3pm slot, the same time currently occupied by ABC's now-lone soap General Hospital. Couric's show will debut in September of 2012. As for what will happen to General Hospital, it either moves or it dies. [ABC via press release]

... MTV has announced the premiere date for Jersey Shore's fourth season, which is currently filming in Italy. Get ready to see Italy declare war on America on August 4 at 10pm. The network has also renewed the show for a fifth season, provided the cast is not given cement-block shoes by the Italian mob. I'd give that scenario a 50/50 chance. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 90210's Trevor Donovan is leaving the show next season. The actor, who plays gay stud Teddy, will return for guest appearances, though. [TV Line]

... Josh Duhamel, who is taking one for the team by dating Black Eyed Peas monster Fergie so no one else has to, is reprising his role on All My Children before the show goes off the air. Why? Because what else does he have to do? [EW]

... Kevin Smith is reportedly producing a new reality series for AMC that's set at his comic-book store in New Jersey. He's currently looking for comic fans to be part of the show, if you're into being locked in a room with one of the most annoying people in the world. [IGN]

... Finally, some good news! TLC has renewed Extreme Couponing for a second season. Hopefully my word processor's dictionary will now recognize "couponing" as a real word. What do you have against a financially responsible obsessive-compulsive disorder, stupid word processor? [TLC via press release]

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