Keddie, Sheridan win Most Popular at Logies

Asher Keddie as Dr Nina Proudman in Offspring." link="/offspring/show/78731/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

Asher Keddie and Hugh Sheridan have taken out the silver Logie Awards for Australia's most popular actors.

A gushing Keddie, who won for her role in Ten's Offspring, was ecstatic with her first Logie, and happy to be the popular girl.

"You've no idea how happy I am that I'm the most loved," Keddie said.

"The most popular, that's so cool. I don't care if I'm good or not."

Keddie, who has previously enjoyed success in Foxtel's Love My Way, was thrilled to be recognised by the popular vote.

"I've been someone that's flown under the radar for so long but yet been given the opportunity to do the work that I really want to do.

"That's a pretty privileged position but I have to say now being embraced by the public in the last couple of years, I'm just as thrilled about that. It feels great."

Keddie said she believed in Offspring and was glad the public had embraced it.

"I liked that my character wasn't always an easy person to watch, I suppose.

"I just hoped that if I gave it my best shot and made her vulnerable and relatable as well as infuriating at times then it would be funny and dramatic and all of the ingredients that I kind of wanted to see on television as well.

"I'm really thrilled that the audience likes it."

Keddie was up against the Packed to the Rafters trio of Jessica Marais, Rebecca Gibney and Zoe Ventoura, and Neighbours' Margot Robbie.

Sheridan won the Logie for most popular actor for the second year running.

The Packed to the Rafters star beat his on-screen father and grandfather, played by Erik Thomson and Michael Caton, to win the award.

He thanked his real life mum and on-screen wife Zoe Ventoura, who left the show last year.

Rush star Callan Mulvey and Offspring's Don Hany were also nominated in the category.

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May 02, 2011
I really like Hugh Sheridan and Asher Keddie but I honestly couldn't bear to watch The Logies anymore. I haven't for several years, they truly bore me senseless. Congrats to those who won, though.

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