Kevin Sorbo playing preacher in Hallmark movie

Kevin Sorbo, who is coming off a recurring role on Fox's recently ended teen soap The O.C., will star in the Hallmark Channel original movie Avenging Angel.

Sorbo will play a preacher charged with making a life-or-death decision when a ragtag group of families seek refuge in his church on the run from the powerful Col. Cusack and his lawless gang. The preacher begs the outlaws to spare their lives, but the church is destroyed and everyone inside it gets killed. As a result, the preacher turns away from God and vows to avenge the incident as a bounty hunter. Years later, when he returns to his town and discovers Cusack's murderous plans for wiping out a small community, he is called to action.

Other roles are being cast for the movie, which is set to debut at 9 p.m. July 7.

This isn't Sorbo's first time playing a man of God. He portrays a priest in the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel movie Something Beneath, he guest-starred as a former priest on UPN's Love, Inc, and played a priest in the indie film Clipping Adam. Sorbo, best known for playing the title role in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, also starred in Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

In other TV-casting developments:

Heather Locklear has closed a deal to play the title role in ABC's comedy pilot See Jayne Run, which revolves around an investment banker's struggles to balance career and motherhood. Locklear's last headlining role on a broadcast series was in NBC's short-lived 2004-05 drama LAX. She most recently starred in Lifetime's original movie Angels Fall. The actress is best known for her roles in Melrose Place and Spin City.

Roswell star Jason Behr has taken over the lead role in Fox's overhauled drama pilot Company Man. The project, previously known as NSA Innocent, centers on a family man (Behr) recruited by the National Security Agency as a spy within the defense contracting company he works for. Annie Wersching (General Hospital) will play his wife.

The pilot originally was scheduled to go into production two weeks ago with British actor Stephen Moyer as the lead. Following a table read March 12, the production start date was pushed in order to rework the concept and recast the lead. The main character and his wife, a role that had not been cast, are now significantly younger.

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I don't know about the concept for this Kevin Sorbo project. He just always seems to be playing the same guy - "I have to take care of the weak people who can't look after themselves".

I loved Jason Behr and Roswell, though, so I hope this becomes another hit from FOX.
I've viewed other movies with similar plots like the one Sorbo will be in and liked them, so I will definitely watch this one with a slightly different twist. I loved Behr in "Roswell",so I'll give "Company Man" a chance an see how he does in it.
sounds kinda cool

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