Kidz in the Hall: In it to win it

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"Drivin Down The Block"
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Riding a wave of critical acclaim and online hype, NYC-based group Kidz in the Hall look to blow up with their second full-length, The In Crowd, which is dropping this week. We've been following the duo for a minute now, interviewing them when they released their debut album, and getting them to perform for us at SXSW last year.

Now signed to indie-rap juggernaut Duck Down Records, Double O and Nawledge are rolling with an experienced team that is well versed in the art of quality records, international followings, and career longevity. We caught up with the Kidz in Austin again this year, where they spoke on their new music, label upgrade, and plans for the future.

For more on Kidz in the Hall, check them out here.

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