Kim Raver Stitches Up a Regular Grey's Anatomy Gig

Grey's Anatomy is like, totally popular or something, so anytime a new doctor puts on the Seattle Grace scrubs only to take them off later with some other doctor, it's big news. Actress Kim Raver, who you've seen before on Lipstick Jungle, 24, and The Nine, is the latest to join the ABC show's on-screen/off-screen drama as a regular fixture.

Raver was introduced last year as a recurring character in the current Grey's chapter, but The Hollywood Reporter says she's been promoted to a regular, officially making Raver the happiest actress so far this year. It's rare for actors to get promoted to regular status during a season, but apparently producers liked the direction her character, Teddy Altman, was taking. And that direction is a wedge between hot new doctor couple Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Christina (Sandra Oh).

This wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy news without a little controversy, and that's served up in the form of a "OMG does that mean Katherine Heigl is fired!?" No, it does not. Heigl has made no secret of her desire to pursue a film career, but Raver isn't replacing her. However, the move does allow for Heigl to take some time off to primp her princess desires, before slowly making the least surprising departure from a television show, ever.

Grey's Anatomy is due to return January 14 on ABC.

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