King is a Talisman for TNT

The '80s are back and scarier than ever.

The 1984 best seller The Talisman, a collaboration between horror writers Stephen King and Peter Straub, will come to TNT courtesy of Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks TV. Spielberg will executive produce with partners Kathleen Kennedy and Ehren Kruger.

Talisman will be a six-hour miniseries premiering in the summer of 2008. TNT also aired the 2004 King miniseries Salem's Lot and this year's Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Spielberg produced the 2005 miniseries Into the West for the network.

The Talisman told the story of young Jack Sawyer, a boy who can "flip" into a parallel universe called The Territories. There, he befriends a werewolf and searches for a Talisman that can save his mother's life and prevent a global catastrophe. A sequel, Black House, was published in 2001.

A Talisman film has been planned since the release of the book. In 1985, paperback editions of the novel read "Soon to be a major motion picture," and at one point, Michael J. Fox was attached to star.

The same year The Talisman was first published, Steven Spielberg directed the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and produced the Joe Dante-directed Gremlins. The Jaws director is no stranger to horror, having produced the 1982 film Poltergeist.

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