King Kyle becoming a TV power player

He may have been axed by TEN, but Kyle Sandilands is now one of Seven's most important faces.

Since signing with the Seven Network for Australia's Got Talent, he has made his way onto two profile television shows and been instrumental in a third.

'King' Kyle Sandilands has been announced as one of the judges as Seven plans to bring The X Factor back to Australian television (while his wife, singer Tamara Jaber, has signed to the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars).

Seven has stitched up the Simon Cowell-created talent show to air later this year. Joining Sandilands as judges are Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian, pop songstress Natalie Imbruglia and former Boyzone singer Ronan Keating.

The format differs from other talent shows by embracing singers of all ages (above the age of 16) as solos, duos and groups. They will also be mentored by all four judges.

This is the second time the show will be seen in Australia after TEN's 2005 series hosted by Daniel MacPherson had just one season. Without Idol around, Seven is clearly hoping there is enough room for one more talent show.

A host is yet to be announced.

Meanwhile Sandilands wife Tamara Jaber, who has teamed with former Australian Idol contestant Reigan Derry to form girl group Scarlett Belle, is one of the new cast members on Dancing with the Stars.

She will be joined by Seven personalities, including Packed to the Rafters' George Houvardas, Gold Logie Award nominee Esther Anderson from Home and Away, Better Homes and Gardens DIY presenter Rob Palmer and former Australian rugby league footballer Jason Stevens, who is a panellist on The Matty Johns Show.

Also strutting the dance floor will be former Australia's Funniest Home Video Show gal Jo Beth Taylor, reality star turned actor Blair McDonough, Australia's Miss Universe entrant Rachael Finch, country singer Melinda Schneider, and indigenous ex-AFL star David Wirrpanda.

Sandilands' wife isn't the only partner joining the line-up, photographer Alex Fevola, best known as wife of AFL bad boy Brendan Fevola is also set to appear.

The irony of the rise of Sandilands with Seven is that in 2006 he successfully sued the network after being defamed by Today Tonight which had suggested he "cooked the charts" by giving airplay to a song by Tamara Jaber.

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May 21, 2010
he is the biggest douche!
May 18, 2010
How does this idiot keep getting employed?!?!??!
May 18, 2010
Please, King? Did his agent feed that to you on a silver spoon or was it served fresh and steaming from something else?

Kyle Sandilands is an awful blemish upon the landscape of Australian media. He's a misogynistic bigot who has proven this through his terrible behaviour and attitude on and off air. Whilst his 'fowl mouthed idiot' character might find some interest with a small market segment let me assure you that he is widely considered a joke.

Enough already Australian media - let his antics go. Let them go. We're all much more mature than his 16 y.o. toilet humour (my apologies to the 16 y.o's) and we deserve to be treated better.