Kochie votes AFL over NRL

He's a die-hard Aussie Rules fan despite living in a city where NRL is king.

When it comes to AFL, Sydney-based David Koch is as one-eyed as they come.

After all, he is a fervent supporter for one of the teams, even though it's based in South Australia.

"I'm the #1 ticket holder for Port Adelaide so AFL is very near and dear to me. It's a great weekend in Melbourne," says the Sunrise co-host.

"Bledisloe Cups are great, sure Melbourne Cups are great but you just cannot beat the AFL Grand Final. And I stay for the weekend which is great."

Kochie is even prepared to put the AFL as being a more successful national code than NRL.

"Television ratings tell you that, attendances tell you that on any measure AFL is way more popular than NRL as a national game. I'm a bit biased because of my love of AFL, of course, and my relationship with Port Adelaide. But just look at any popularity measure and AFL always comes out trumps."

So he is more than happy to travel to Melbourne for the annual Sunrise broadcast in the lead up to AFL Grand Final. It is especially significant given that the city has become a battlefield for Sunrise and Today. While it has been Nine's domain for years, a shift mid-year has seen Seven surge back.

"For a period of a year we were in a sort of transition period, between being the bright, new young things to becoming a habit," he says.

"But for the last couple of months we've won Melbourne week in, week out.

"Breakfast is all about signposts, comfort and people knowing where they are in the show and how it relates to their schedule. They get up for certain points on breakfast radio and television programs. They go to work or school or catch the bus or leave to beat the traffic, at a particular point. And that's what makes it unique.

"That window in which they are watching you they have to feel comfortable, have a laugh, have something to talk about at work or school and they've got to get the news of the day.

"We're pretty happy with the consistency that we deliver every day in those 20-minute blocks."

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Sep 28, 2010
TV wise NRL is not watched more, there are numerous factors that make the AFL more lucrative on TV, AFL goes for 3 hours while NRL goes for 2, AFL is shown in all 5 cities, whereas NRL is usually shown in 2 cities. Also in total numbers AFL has beaten the NRL this finals season, and don't forget to add the views from ONE for the Saturday Night AFL game and the foxtel viewers for the Friday night game which isn't live in QLD and NSW. We all know who has the higher attendence
Sep 25, 2010
Both games suck and should be discontinued.
Sep 24, 2010
Television wise the NRL is watched more. Just thought I'd point that out...Sorry Kochie