Kring talks Heroes: Origins

Now begins the painful period for Heroes fans who must sit idly until next fall, when the saga of the ordinary people with extraordinary abilities continues. Last night's finale literally ended with a bang, and even touched on what viewers can expect from volume two, which is subtitled Generations.

One of the things that fans are looking forward to in the second season is the six-episode series spin-off called Heroes: Origins that was unveiled at NBC's upfronts last week. The half dozen shows will air during the regular show's midseason break, bringing the total number of Heroes episodes to 30 for the season.

On a live blog hosted by, Heroes creator Tim Kring answered fans' questions, one of them being about Origins.

"The idea was to try to do about half a dozen episodes that are stand-alone episodes dealing with the origin stories of characters all around the world who are waking up with the discovery of these unique abilities," said Kring. "They are not connected necessarily to the show Heroes, but if you do watch or are a fan of Heroes, you'll see tiny little clues that tie into the show."

And there's good news for fans who grew up watching old sci-fi shows. Kring wants the storytelling to be similar to that of The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling.

"[Origins will feature] cautionary tales and morality tales," said Kring. "Dealing with these people with unique abilities. So they're completely stand-alone episodes that don't follow a serialized formula."

When the spin-off was first announced, NBC said that one of the new characters featured would become a member of the Heroes cast, but that doesn't seem etched in stone yet.

"Some of the stories in Origins can be similar to characters currently on Heroes and one of the people on Origins may be involved on Heroes, eventually..." (emphasis added.)

Kring also touches on season two, saying that the "Volume 2: Generations" storyline won't take up the entire season.

" you notice Volume 2 started the end of tonight's episode, but by no means does Volume 2 have to be the entire length of Season 2," he said. "In fact, don't expect it to. It will end sometime in the middle of the season, wrapping up a story with it that will allow us to launch in to a new storyline."

Kring also states that they're working on getting Christopher Eccleston, who plays Claude Raines (the man with power of invisibility), back for the next season.

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