Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas Want You to Help Pay for a Veronica Mars Movie

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You know that Veronica Mars movie that you've been wanting so badly? Well it's time to put your money where your mouth is, so-called number-one Veronica Mars fan. Give up the green, spill the duckets, MAKE IT RAIN! Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell are going to the people for funding for the movie, starting a Kickstarter campaign and asking for fans to chip in, oh, just two million bucks.

If the campaign reaches its goal within 30 days, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution will put the movie in production and pay for the extra costs, like marketing, promotion, and distribution. The target for release would be early 2014, with a limited run in theaters and then appear on video-on-demand services and that ilk. 

The movie would apparently take place around Veronica's 10-year high-school reunion.

While using Kickstarter for movies and television shows isn't unheralded, going to fans for helping fund the revival of a property of this magnitude is. What does that mean? It's going to have some sweet rewards for those who do donate, including copies of the script (for $10 donations), limited edition t-shirts (for $25 donations), all the way to getting a speaking role in the movie (a whopping $10,000 donation). 

Could this be a future model for wrap-ups for television shows that never happened? At least one showrunner has taken notice:

While we're at it, let's get that [insert that show you love that got canceled] movie Kickstarter going.

Grab your wallet and head over to the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter page. As of press time, more than $400,000 had been pledged in just a few hours. 

[UPDATE] They did it. Piece of cake. $2 million and still counting.

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