Kristen Wiig's Big SNL Christmas Special

..."Gillllyyyyyy. Did you agree to host this SNL special called 'A Very Gilly Christmas'?" "Uh huh. Sorry." Yes indeed, Kristen Wiig will host, as her wicked grade school character Gilly, an SNL special featuring clips of old holiday sketches as well as some new stuff. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are on hand to make guest appearances. The show will air next Thursday, the 17th. Gird your funny bones! Or don't. Whatever. [THR]

...Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI, has concocted an idea for another procedural. This one is called Cyber Crimes and deals with computer villainy. The brass at CBS ordered a pilot for the series and think it could be pretty popular, thinking specifically of their grandkids, who they recently watched spend all damned Thanksgiving weekend on those damn internet phones. [Variety]

...Elisha Cuthbert, who played everyone's favorite character on 24, has signed on for a recurring role on everyone's favorite new show, The Forgotten. No word yet on whether her character will have to deal with a mountain lion attack. [THR]

...Watch With Kristin has some good Lost tidbits, including a slight spoiler about the structure of the first few episodes. I won't print them here, but if you dare, click the link and get as antsy and clammy and super-duper-excited as I am. [E!]

...Adam Lambert, the American Idol runner-up who flew too close to the sun right out of the career gate, has generated buzz but hasn't really affected anyone's ratings. His episode of The Early Show earned slightly fewer viewers than the CBS morning show's average. By comparison, Good Morning America, which canceled a Lambert performance after he painfully writhed around on ABC's American Music Awards, beat the CBS talker by about a million viewers. We'll see what Lambert's upcoming appearance on The View (this Thursday) does for their numbers. I'm guessing not much. [NYT]

...And, sigh, here's some actual sad news from the morning show beat. Bryant Gumbel, the long-time Today Show anchor and Real Sports host, revealed on Live! With Regis & Kelly this morning that he has lung cancer. He has been undergoing treatment, recently having a tumor removed from his chest. He told the audience, "I'm okay for the time being." [EW]

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i think that will be alot of as well and fun too
Even if you don't like crime scene shows, you have to admit they get a lot of viewers for networks.
Where's the lost link?

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