Kyle XY canceled

After three seasons on ABC Family, it appears that Kyle XY may have finally run out of steam. According to representatives from ABC Family, Kyle XY will be ending its run at the conclusion of the current season. While Kyle XY is on the outs, Greek and Lincoln Heights have been renewed for another season each.

The news of Kyle XY's cancellation first hit the Web via a report from's Michael Ausiello, who believes that Kyle's slumping ratings may have done it in. The show, ABC Family's first original program, was one of the main reasons ABC Family has turned itself into a promising off-shoot of Disney and ABC. But now with other ABC Family shows--such as The Secret Life of the American Teenager--raising the bar, it appears that Kyle XY is the odd-man out.

Kyle XY is early into its 10-episode third season, which started January 12. The fourth episode of the season, "In the Company of Men," airs tonight.

The other side of the coin sees good news for Greek and Lincoln Heights. Both programs were renewed for additional seasons--a third for Greek and a fourth for Lincoln Heights--according to the Web site. Greek's third season will run a hefty 20 episodes; Lincoln Heights' episode count is still unknown.

Let's hear it amateur network programmers: did ABC Family make the right call?

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