Las Vegas creator works on two new dramas

The creator of NBC's Las Vegas has lined up two drama projects for next season--one at CBS and one at NBC.

Protect and Serve at CBS is an ensemble drama about street cops in Los Angeles that follows them on the beat as well as off duty. "It has a procedural edge to it," said Gary Scott Thompson. "It's not serialized and yet it's character-driven."

The project has received a script commitment from the network.

The NBC project, which also has received a script commitment, is set in Hawaii and centers on a former cop who, after losing his family in the World Trade Center attacks, follows his ex-wife to the 50th state.

Despite the central character's tragic personal story, the show will carry Thompson's trademark popcorn-thriller vibe and be in the vein of Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice.

"It's a fun show," Thompson said. "It's a dramedy with kick-ass action."

Las Vegas, which stars James Caan and Molly Sims, begins its fourth season next month.

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Cashing in on tragedy, God Bless America
Didn't they try this with Hawaii? Next thing you know they will be making a P.I. movie...wait, you said what?

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