Last three prepare for jungle final

TV presenter Kim Woodburn, chef Gino D'Acampo and snooker player Jimmy White will battle it out after designer Justin Ryan was voted off.

He told presenters Ant and Dec that he'd never expected to make it to the last four, saying: "I guess it's a bit sad because of having got this far."

He added: "It's been amazing. What a blast. I really gave it my absolute best. I really didn't think I had it in me. What an amazing all round experience."

He also revealed some of the tensions within the camp had been sparked by "tiny things", saying: "When would food be served? Who was sitting on the log? All these tiny bits and pieces become grand scale dramas."

But he remained cagey when asked who he wanted to win, replying: "One of them."

Earlier, the four remaining celebrities in the ITV reality show had been presented with a selection of headlines written about them from their time in the jungle and they had to guess the blanked-out words.

Kim was not amused to discover "Blank: I'll get my kit off for dirty mags" referred to her, and said: "I'd never do such a thing... I have never ever splayed myself."

Next was the turn of Gino, who was the subject of "Watch out, blank horny as hell!"

Kim got her own back on Gino, correctly guessing it referred to him, and said: "You're like a beast on heat. Sexually harassing a woman of my age, you should be slapped in the mouth."

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