Law & Order: CI sets new date…finally

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The premiere of the new season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent has finally been dated for the millionth time. The legal drama has bounced back-and-forth on USA Network's schedule like screams of "objection!" from opposing lawyers on amateur night, but USA finally has a firm date… well, firm enough to put on their Web site at least.

Fans of Law & Order: Criminal Intent can expect to see the eighth season of the show on April 19, according to USA's Web site. The show will also be paired with USA's sophomore drama In Plain Sight, which also makes its season premiere that night.

The new season of Criminal Intent is particularly newsworthy because it marks the debut of Jeff Goldblum as one of the leads. Goldblum will star in half of the 16 episodes, with Vincent D'Onofrio headlining the other half. Multiple delays have kept Criminal Intent on the shelf (it was supposed to begin last October), with some reports saying the postponement was due to Jeff Goldblum's character not meshing with the show.

In June, Burn Notice returns, and will air on Thursdays alongside the new program Royal Pains, according to Variety. Monk and Psych will also be paired together on Friday nights, with premiere dates to be announced later, according to the trade.

Let's hope that the April 19 start date for Criminal Intent sticks; it should be exciting to see Goldblum on the small screen.

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