Law & Order: Los Angeles Casts Its Lead Detective

... DUN DUN! Or is it DUM DUM!? Whatever it is, Skeet Ulrich will hear it all the friggin' time. The former Jericho star will headline Law & Order: Los Angeles, the latest bastardization iteration of the venerable franchise that's due to premiere this fall on NBC. Ulrich will play Rex Winters (editor's note: horrible name!), an ex-Marine who sees things in black and white. Way to get paid, Skeet Skeet! [EW]

... You know you love Desmond Hume and can't wait to see him on TV again, regardless of the role. Actor Henry Ian Cusick, who played the lovelorn, consciousness-jumping Scot on ABC's Lost, will play a graphic artist for a few episodes on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Yeah, I know. It's a little disappointing. [TV Guide]

... Look, I don't care about this Jake and Vienna thing either. But dammit, I'm starting to! Now somebody who plays somebody on that show Greek says that Vienna was definitely cheating on Jake because she made out with him (the guy on Greek) when she was still with Jake! OMG! WTF! PKMN!* [US Magazine]

... Mike Judge has revealed that he's working on 30 new episodes of his classic cartoon Beavis and Butthead, according to some anonymous source that probably isn't trustworthy but I'm going to report it anyway. [Examiner]

... Richard Dreyfuss is guest-starring on Showtime's Weeds for four episodes. If I had to guess whether or not Dreyfuss smokes a lot of dope, I'd say absolutely yes. [Showtime via press release]

... No event in the last 2000 years comes even close to what will be on ESPN tomorrow night at 9pm ET/6pm PT. LeBron James, the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the most handsomest amazing human being in the world ever, will finally reveal which city he will bless and play basketball for during a one-hour special on ESPN. July 8 will heretofore be known as Christmas 2. [ESPN]

* = Please Kill Me Now

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