Let's All Judge Justin Bieber's Acting

As vice-president of my local Justin Bieber Fan Club chapter, I know for a fact that The Bieb is the greatest pop singer in the history of everything. He can sing, he can dance, he can... sing. And to top it all off, she's he's just so adorable!

Like all pop idols, his ascension to God-like status includes a few stops in the realm of acting, and his first jump into professional pretending is as a little bad boy in CBS' procedural CSI. While his proficiency as a singer and Youtube legend are untouchable (he's so dreamy!), his acting... well, don't quit your day job, kid.

Perhaps I'm being a little too hard on the munchkin. Heck with that Boys Don't Cry-era Hilary Swank haircut of his, he could do just about anything and I'd watch! And he's still light years ahead of the worst actor of our generation and generations to come, Ms. Bristol Palin.

Have a look at Bieber's acting debut on the season premiere of CSI, which debuts on September 23 on CBS.

What did you think? Let's critique the performance, and please, don't pull any punches. He'll be reading these comments so let's give him constructive criticism.

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