Leverage's Gina Bellman Will Be Back

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For months Leverage viewers have been left wondering whether Gina Bellman's con character, Sophie Devereaux, would be returning to the hit US show. During the end of the second season Bellman was rarely present, with Star Trek: Voyager's Jeri Ryan stepping in to cover her maternity leave. Many fans feared she'd never return, but they were wrong.

Speaking exclusively to TV.com in a London studio this afternoon, the British actress revealed that she would be back for the drama's third season despite only recently having a baby. "I know they're bringing my character back large," she said: "They've got some really good, exciting storylines for Sophie".

Bellman gave birth to her first child two months ago. Her husband, nanny and new baby girl, Romy, all plan on flying back to America, from their home in London, to support her when filming begins in the coming months.

The actress wouldn't give much away about the third season, but did reveal: "The end of season two is a real big cliffhanger, and Sophie's coming back and she's going to pick up the pieces".

Leverage's second season is currently airing on American channel, TNT, while its first season is due to start on British channel, Bravo, tonight at 9pm.

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