Levi Johnston is Rooting for Bristol Palin to Win Dancing with the Stars

Look how happy Bill Maher is to have a punching bag like Levi on his little show.

The gay community has an ally in Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino.


... Give Me My Remote got to interview Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever on the set of Castle. Jealous.


... The Glee youngsters weren't the only ones to shoot sexy photos—Jane Lynch got in on the action, too.

... Awesome-tastic TV critic Tim Goodman went on the KFOG Morning Show this morning to discuss his big move to The Hollywood Reporter.

... The Walking Dead is staging a global zombie invasion to promote the show. Can't wait!

... I actually support the Parents Television Council in their feeble boycott against $#*! My Dad Says.

... Shouldn't Raising Hope creator Greg Garcia have been a little more optimistic about his show getting picked up for a full season?

... Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones' parents have a criminal past!

... Speaking of sexy Glee photos, the men of New Directions have been offered money to pose for Playgirl.

... Sneak a peek at some of your favorite TV characters' Halloween costumes.

... Check out this photo of Eliza Dushku on The Big Bang Theory.

... Now that Mad Men Season 4 is over, Elisabeth Moss is free to talk about how awesome Peggy is becoming.

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Yay for Eliza being on BBT! That's just awesome. What will those boys do with all her hotness?
I am happy of what Vinny (from Jersey Shore) is doing but he is hyporccite (sorry, can't spell today). He says people should never be made of for who they love or "being who they really are" but on the jersey shore he sits by Mike and Pauly D and calls girls "gernades" and "hippos". The lesson i get from this is stop making fun of the gays (which i support) but everyone else is free game. Because all of these comedians and reality stars who have join this campainge make fun of everyone but (i guess now) the gays. I fully support stop bullying in general (not just the stop bullying the gays) because bullying anyone for anything is just wrong, and i can say that i don't make fun of people because of their outer apperence. However this campainge needs to get better people supporting them, people who are not hypocrites like this guy.
Levi: Not the brightest light in the firmament, is he??

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