Life on Mars canceled

Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, meet Life on Mars. ABC's mass grave of quality shows canceled before their time is one deeper, as the network has officially canceled the freshman sci-fi drama Life on Mars. But instead of the cold shoulder ABC gave last year's trio of high-profile cuts, Life on Mars is being given a proper farewell.

All five of the remaining episodes of Life on Mars will air as planned, reports Variety, instead of the usual shaft job of cutting a canceled show off in mid-stream. This is very important--and can be considered the news' silver lining for Mars fans--because of the show's eerie nature.

Life on Mars, about Detective Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara) who finds himself somehow transported back to 1973 after being hit by a car, is a series-long mystery, with viewers (and Tyler) trying to determine whether Tyler has time-traveled, is dead, is in a coma, is simply insane, or a host of other possibilities. By airing the final episodes, and more importantly giving producers time to wrap things up, viewers will be able to get closure and get the answers they need (remember what happened when The Nine got canceled? Me either).

ABC clearly had a soft spot for the program, but once again had to make the difficult decision of breaking up with it because of disappointing ratings. It probably didn't help that the network decided to change its air time halfway through the series, and it might have done better if it had been held to midseason and paired with Lost all along. And the fact that the network hyped up its return after break only to show an episode out of order--opting for a standalone episode to welcome in new viewers instead of wrapping up a two-part cliffhanger (what was up with that!?!?)--was just a bad mistake that left a bad taste in the mouths of its fanbase.

I'll miss Life on Mars and its awesome soundtrack, its weird robots creeping out of people's eyes, the over-the-top police brutality and occasional vaudevillian fisticuffs, Michael Imperioli's snappy dialogue, and its oh-so-relaxed attitude. But most of all, I will miss Gretchen Mol's hair...that 'do was so horrendous it was bitchin'.

Pay your respects below, and feel free to scream at ABC if you are so inclined.

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