Life on Mars scores four more

OK, so it wasn't like it was just a gargantuan barbarian running through the halls of ABC cutting everything down with his battle-ax of cancellation yesterday. While ABC's midseason schedule was trimmed by three (ouch, ouch, and mega-ouch), new show Life on Mars actually saw its role increase.

ABC has ordered four more episodes of the adaptation of the UK show, according to The Hollywood Reporter, bringing its season-one total so far to 17 episodes. This comes shortly after the network decided to move the program to the post-Lost slot next year after execs finally figured out that Life on Mars doesn't exactly jibe with its previous lead-in, Grey's Anatomy. Duh. Life on Mars is on break until January 28, where it will make its debut in its new time slot.

Life on Mars stars Irish actor Jason O'Mara as Detective Sam Tyler, an NYPD cop who finds himself transported to 1973 after being hit by a car. The procedural storylines are peppered with sci-fi elements, as Sam begins to wonder if he's actually in 1973, in a coma in 2008, or simply going insane. And to be honest, we here are actually quite fond of the show--particularly its groovy soundtrack.

It's hardly a consolation for ABC's trio of cancellations, but more Life on Mars is great news! Right? Right? Hello?

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