Life over for Paris, Nicole

Things aren't going too well for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Once, the pair of celebrities-by-association were on top of the world, wining and dining with Hollywood's elite, playing in piles of cash, and partying it up bad-girl style.

Their quick ascension to fame was followed by the inevitable True Hollywood Story-style crash, with the "celebs" becoming incredibly overexposed in more than one way. Both have been hit with a string of "bad luck" over the past few months, culminating in jail sentences. (Paris served 23 days in jail in June for parole violation, Nicole Richie was recently handed an order for four days in the slammer for driving under the influence.)

Now, one of their stepping stones toward worldwide fame will be no longer. Cable channel E! Entertainment Television has announced that the final episode of the fifth season of The Simple Life will be the show's last, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The reality show followed Paris and Nicole being...well, Paris and Nicole. The Simple Life made its debut on Fox in 2003 and was moved over to E! in 2006. It is currently in its fifth season, which has the duo serving as camp counselors. The series finale airs this Sunday.

E! did not say that the pair's recent run-ins with the law were the reason for cancellation, but rather the slip in ratings. The network says viewership is down 20 percent compared to last season.

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