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As a level 88 user, there aren't many community members who can say they can look down on danbambridge. He's editor of 144 shows (144!!) and a huge piece of the user-driven machinery that keeps afloat. Hailing from the UK, danbambridge certainly has a great deal of insight into both UK and US television, Autumn Reeser, and more. Tell us a bit about yourself.

danbambridge: I've never been one to keep to myself but for those that don't know… My name is (can you guess?! :P) Dan, I'm 20 years old and I'm from the UK. I "work" (I use that term loosely) for a company called Mouchel which, despite being a fairly large company, nobody has ever heard of. It's a consultancy company that provides services for highways, utilities, rail, and energy to name just a few. I work under utilities in the water department but thankfully I'm a clean-water guy so no sewerage for me! What's your specialty in terms of contributions on the site?

danbambridge: I would say my main role on the site is fixing up guides. I generally take the term "editor" to mean exactly what it says. I'm the first to admit I'm not very good at adding new content. I don't have the patience to add new word-for-word quotes apart from the odd one or two for my own guides, and I am terrible at spotting goofs and allusions so I leave that to the guys in the know. I take great pride in going through a guide from start to finish and just cleaning out the junk and moving stuff where it needs to go. Hopefully the end product is a good one but I guess that's for other users to decide. How the heck did you get up to level 88? Are you hacking the site?

danbambridge: Hah, if you asked anyone who knows me you'd know that my computer skills don't run past the basic turning-it-on-and-off. I just have plenty of patience and I know what to submit and to where. To me that's the most important point--if you can just go to a guide and immediately see problems and know how to fix them, then submitting is easy. I get plenty of time at work to submit when it's quiet so I get a good few hours a day sometimes, when I can get a fair few subs done. It's taken me two years to do it so it's no quick process, there's been many times I thought I'd run out of stuff to submit to but something new always crops up. Another "How the heck"--you're the editor of 144 shows… how the heck!?!?

danbambridge: There's not really any good answer for this that I can think of, it's just how it turned out. As I've already mentioned I am a big submitter so it's nearly impossible to do so many subs without picking up a lot of guides along the way. Generally I'll just spend a bit of time searching around some shows I'd like to be editor for (or at least fix up) and then if one happens to be editor-less I'll go for it. Being from the UK and also liking US television, it gives me two different avenues of guides to go after making for more guide possibilities. A while back I realized I didn't really want as many guides as I had so I retired from around 15 or so. Now whenever I become editor for a new guide, I let one go as well otherwise I'd end up with way more than I can handle. Run down a typical visit to

danbambridge: I never really visit, more like "set up shop and stay all day." :D Generally the first thing I'll do is check my PMs and my queue, plus the mod queue as well. On a good day I can spend a fair amount of time working through my queue which means plenty of subs have come in. I don't often have many PMs to reply to, which both a good thing and a bad thing I suppose. After that I'll check mine and other people's blogs, although unfortunately there aren't so many of those these days. Next up I'll browse the forums to get myself up to speed on the goings on from overnight and look in on a couple of problem forums I like to monitor. After that I just go about my daily business; submitting, answering any queries, and talking to my good friend dju010 who has helped me out more times than I can count over the past couple of years and helps to keep my day interesting and not all about submitting. Who are your favorite people in the television industry?

danbambridge: My first love of current day television has to be Autumn Reeser. After seeing her in The O.C. I thought she was excellent and I wish the show had either continued on so she could be in it more, or they should've brought her in earlier. My other female obsession is the lovely Summer Glau. I first saw her in Firefly where I always wanted her to say and do more but it never really came about in it's short run. That's one of, if not the only reason I watch Terminator: TSCC just because she has a big part in it. As for the men, I do like Kiefer Sutherland. I think he's a superb actor on 24 and can't wait for its return early next year! What do you think the main differences are between American and British shows in terms of tone?

danbambridge: Wow that's a hard question! Can I phone a friend? ;) I suppose the main difference is the way the shows are portrayed to the audience. When you watch an American comedy the jokes are very in-your-face whereas UK comedies tend to leave it up to the viewer to decide whether it's funny or not. The biggest example of this has got to be The Office's US and UK offerings, which despite being similar in nature have completely different comedic styles. Out of the two I think I prefer the UK version but only slightly. If there was one thing you could change about television, what would it be?

danbambridge: I'm going to cheat and combine two changes into one. I'd like to see the way US and UK television are run combined together to create the perfect formula. US TV is all about big budgets, the amount of viewers, and really long seasons whereas the UK shows are on a smaller scale, but more often than not are allowed to run the course of the season no matter how many people are watching to at least give them a chance. If US shows could scale back some seasons to be a bit shorter then I think they might get on better and could possibly last a full season. Take Dexter for example, I couldn't stick 22-plus episodes for that show but 12 is the perfect amount. The opposite could be said for some UK stuff--give those longer seasons and a bigger budget and just see how they turn out. What do you do with your free time? (If you have any, Mr. editor of 144 shows!)

danbambridge: Well luckily I do most of my submitting from work so my time out of work is all my own. My main hobby is tennis, I'm no Andy Murray (thankfully!) but I can look after myself on the court. I play on average four nights a week which keeps me pretty busy and so far fairly fit! I also spend a good amount of time on my Xbox 360 when I get a night in. There's nothing like a bit of mindless violence after a hard day's submitting! Thanks so much for talking to us!

(Note: danbambridge would like to let his buddies that it was hard to choose just three friends in his sidebar. Please don't be mad at him.)

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