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He's the editor for House, Monk, Fringe, and Supernatural--in other words, he's busy, busy, busy. But level 77 user Gislef still found time to talk to us in this edition of our community interview series Lights, Camera, Community. How did you come up with your username?

Gislef: It's been so long, I don't remember. I think it ties in with Roger Zelazny's Amber somehow: is the word "Felsig" used in there? Then spin it backward. I started using it in 1982, so it's been a while. What's your typical visit to look like?

Gislef: Go immediately to my editor queue bookmark, process submissions. Check in with my fellow moderators. Check out the general forums. Watch TV. Write recaps. Assemble crew lists. Rinse and repeat. You are the editor of 100 shows, yet you haven’t given any show a score of over 9.1. Are you simply a harsh critic?

Gislef: On the other hand, I don't rate anything below a 6 or so, either. If it's lower than that, or looks to be lower than that, I'm probably not wasting my time watching it and I don't rate what I don't watch. As far as overly high ratings, IMO, most shows follow the one-third/one-third/one-third format that I think... Mark Scott Zircree might have described about the original Twilight Zone. One third of everything on TV is incredible. One third is average. And one third is lousy. Rod Serling produced some real turkeys later on Twilight Zone. Star Trek... well, "Spock's Brain" and "The Alternative Factor", anyone? So I wouldn't say I'm a harsh critic, but I average out the good, the bad, and the mediocre. I think a lot of people tend to forget the bad or allow for it. They give Star Trek a 10 despite "Spock's Brain." That, and I think of it as a percentage. 70% of original Star Trek is worth watching. What shows are your current favorites?

Gislef: Everything that I edit that is currently on are my favorites, or I wouldn't edit them. :) So that'd be... House, Fringe, Smallville, Supernatural, Batman: The Brave & The Bold, Reaper, Monk. And the late departed Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone. I don't edit them but I'm hanging in with Heroes, Lost, Medium, Psych, and Chuck. Thanks to the wonders of DVD, I'll usually watch some mix of Justice League, Sledge Hammer!, MacGyver, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Titus in any given week. Name a few shows that people aren’t watching but should be.

Gislef: Reaper. It had a strong first year, and looks to be solid in the upcoming season (see #7, though). Brave & The Bold. It's surprisingly funny, particularly the Aquaman episodes. And yet it's old school, not just with being a 60's Batman homage but revisiting the Silver Age of comics. And The Middleman. Although you can't watch it because ABC Family won't let you. It's another "old school" show. It's like a live-action Brave & The Bold. Or B&B; is an animated Middleman. Which of the shows you edit requires the most maintenance?

Gislef: The ones that are currently on. :) 20% of my shows get 80% of my submissions. Overall I'd probably say House because of all the medical terminology for the recaps, and the quotes are often very complicated. You are the editor of Pushing Daisies… what are your thoughts on its cancellation?

Gislef: Shouldn't have been canceled. I supported the writer's strike, but it indirectly doomed Pushing Daisies. Approximately nine months off the air and off the radar just didn't help. The same thing doomed Eli Stone, and I suspect it's going to kill off Reaper as well. All three shows were lucky to get on the air and get decent ratings to support renewal. With that big a time gap, they essentially have to get lucky twice. Let's assume you are King of Television for a day. What would you change?

Gislef: a) Write two-year guaranteed contracts to bring back every show I watch that was cancelled after less than three years, scattered over a 10-year period. So every "failed" Fox Friday-night science fiction/fantasy show? Back on the air for two more years. b) Run five-night once-a-night blocks of any given one-hour drama or dramedy. If it's good enough for Jay Leno and NBC's upcoming Tonight show plans... Once or twice a year, run a Monday-through-Friday block of Supernatural. Or Smallville. Or Heroes. c) c) Have SciFi Channel run more scifi TV, rather than the equivalent of Mansquito-type movies. 'Nuff said. d) d) Sign the BBC to an in perpetuity contract to show Doctor Who on an American network in a prime time slot as long as they produce the show and for reruns 10 years afterward. When not watching television or on, what do you do in your free time?

Gislef: What free time? :) Family, mostly. A bit of gaming, tabletop and electronic. Relax and read a book: I'm working my way through F. Paul Wilson, Simon Hawke, Peter David, and the Wild Card anthologies again. Thanks so much for talking to us!

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