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He's the editor for the major awards shows--The Academy Awards, The Emmys, and The Golden Globes--but he's also a HUGE Lost fan. Level 30 user Oceanic6 chats with us about his favorite things on television. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role here at

Oceanic6: Well, I'm Ben and i live in NY. By day I work in finance but by night I'm Oceanic6 on My role here is mainly devoted to the upkeep of my awards shows, but as you can see writing reviews is also part of fame. How much TV do you watch in a typical week?

Oceanic6: I do love my TV, I'd say i watch about 20 hours per week Finally! A huge Lost fan I can talk to. What do you think of the new season so far?

Oceanic6: After the first few episodes I was in a prolonged state of awe. The fifth season has been massive so far with a new structure, heaps of twists and turns and some intense action scenes. I will admit that some characters haven't aged well and Sawyer spending the whole first episode topless was the most desperate grab for female viewers ever. Overall, it is looking that season 5 will be the best ever. What are some of your favorite Lost theories you’ve heard?

Oceanic6: I love hearing people taking a stab at answering the "Who is Jacob?" question, I've heard theories that say he's Dr. Candle all the way to other theorists saying that he's Vincent. My favorites at the moment is that 815 wasn't meant to crash and the Freighter people were Dharma members. Many critics say awards shows are boring, over-hyped, and unnecessary. You love them though. What is it about these events you like?

Oceanic6: The thing i like about awards shows is that it isn't just a night where celebrities are handed chunks of gold. The events are the heart and soul of film and TV, it gives every person in show biz something to strive for and in one night you see the best of the best being recognized. Also, every annual event contains a new milestone or occurrence that makes it special and I've tried to make sure that every individual page of the award shows I'm the editor of contains these. How would you change television if you had a chance?

Oceanic6: I would try to bring more option into television, with people watching what they want and (more importantly) when they want rather than having to comply with whatever the King of TV decides. I would also include more entertaining viewing at all hours so if people can't sleep they won't have to make do with infomericals and preachers. What upcoming shows are you looking forward to most?

Oceanic6: Life for Dummies and The Cleveland Show are definetly the two shows I'm yearning for right now. Even if they both don't make it to air, what's on currently is fine. What do you do in your spare time?

Oceanic6: Most of my spare time is spent hanging out with my friends, i've just began a health kick so i've been hitting the gym regularly. I also spend a lot of my time trying new things which is how i found in the first place. Thanks so much for talking to us!

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