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In Lights, Camera, Community, holds an unfiltered chat with some of our most active members and show editors about their favorite programs, experiences with, and divisive issues.

For's inaugural Lights, Camera, Community feature, we went straight for the big guns. If we're going to talk to someone about their favorite shows and takes on the site, we wanted to get someone who has been here a long, long time.

Enter Studog2961, a level 53 member that has graced with her presence for more than three years. Studog2961 (real name Stephanie, but please call her Stef) isn't your typical television watcher. While most are glued to major network television dramas or the "real" reality competition shows that deliver huge ratings, Stef prefers the actual reality of the more cerebral unscripted programs on A&E;, Discovery, and Discovery Health. Tell us a teensy-weensy bit about yourself.

Studog2961: I live in Missouri, contrary to popular belief I am neither a man nor Dog the Bounty Hunter. I still get PMs asking if I can bail someone out of jail. I am married with 2 kids, and we own our own business. How long have you been a member of, and what brought you to the site in the first place?

Studog2961: Before I lurked around TVTome but never signed up. Then one day I went to TVTome and was redirected to the "New Home of TVTome"...something was bothering me on a guide because it wasn't I signed up, July 19, 2005. At that time I was at home a lot because my daughter was sick. (She is fine, nothing too serious.) I made a lot of friends here and this was kind of my escape from reality. I could get on here and talk about TV or blog and vent. How did you choose the username studog2961?

Studog2961: Ahhhh yes my username...well long before my mother purchased a Club Pogo subscription for my little brother Stuart (stu). At that time he was in high school and his friends called him Studog. When he signed up for Pogo he founded the name Studog2961, couldn't tell you for the life of me what the 2961 is about. *shrug* After a few years my mom grew tired of paying for the subscription so I took over and became Studog2961. When I signed up for it was the user name I had been using so I just used it. Never dreamed I would stick with it and later be picked as a moderator. Run down your typical routine when you visit for us.

Studog2961: I typically have two browsers open, with at least two tabs on each to cover everything. First thing I do when I sit down to is check my PM box. It usually holds interesting bits of life. Then I check to see if a user has submitted anything to the guides I edit, and I will process them if they are waiting. Next up I usually head to the Moderation duties, which I can't say much about, but I check things out from that end. Then I usually check out the forums of shows I edit, make sure there are no questions there. Then I will head out to the main forums to see if I can lend a helping hand as both a user and moderator. Then with the new Social Viewing Room, I might see what is playing and catch up on episodes of How I Met Your Mother or CSI. I usually hold off on submitting to the guides until I have covered all the other stuff. Then it is usually a rinse-and-repeat type scenario. You're the editor of 13 shows and 43 people--how do you find the time?

Studog2961: Time...some days are better than others. I try to keep episodes up to date when information is available. Some days I can make lots of submissions, other days I might make's a checks-and-balances type of thing I guess. A lot of the people I am editor for I have inherited from retired editors, there is always work to be done. It's a never-ending battle to keep guides up to date. While most people are going ga-ga over who kissed who on Grey's Anatomy or which Peter Petrelli is future Peter and which is past, you're often tuned into A&E;, Discovery, or Discovery Health. What do you love most about those channels and what are your favorites from those networks?

Studog2961: I will be 100 percent honest; I have never seen Grey's Anatomy. Give me Discovery, Discovery Health, A&E; and TruTV (formerly CourtTV) anytime. I'm a crime person, give me blood and guts, guns, chases, yelling, and I am happy...I am an adrenaline junkie. I guess I like these channels because they are usually "real tv." I guess a lot of time I get bored with scripted TV, it seems like they all revolve around each other. Shows that will capture my attention: Haunting Evidence, Paranormal State, Crime 360, Intervention, Jacked, Parking Wars, Rookies, Operation Repo, MythBusters, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The First 48, Forensic Files, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Diagnosis X, and Mystery Diagnosis. Alright--let's get serious here. What's your take on last year's controversy surrounding Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Studog2961: We are all human, we all make mistakes but what goes on behind closed doors should stay there. He was caught up in the moment and said some things that he should not have said. Although I believe that the reporter that leaked the info should not have their conversations recorded and risk their lives being uprooted because of a personal family matter. You're also the editor for Mind of Mencia and Carlos Mencia. He's a very polarizing comedian--some like him, some hate him. Let's use this space to let you praise him and address his critics.

Studog2961: Oh yes...Carlos...he isn't for everyone...and he will tell you that. I have seen him live and it was amazing. What I like about Carlos, is he makes fun of everyone...he doesn't leave a single person out. To his critics...turn the channel. That's the beauty of television... You don't like it? That's OK, turn it find...something else. You've also recently become a fan of one of TV's more underrated comedies, How I Met Your Mother. Who is your favorite cast member, and why?

Studog2961: How I Met Your Mother, I have my friend and fellow moderator Newbie (more_ncis_now) to thank for this one and of course the new Social Viewing Room. I had never seen it until I asked her one day what she was doing and she told me she was watching I got sucked in. My favorite cast member would be Cobie Smulders (playing Robin Scherbatsky). She has that quirky personality that come across as..."don't like it too bad...this is me and who I with it." Much like myself...this is why I think I like her. You're a very active member of the community--tell us about the friends you've made here, and give them a shout out!

Studog2961: The friends I have made here have left a lasting impression on my life, from the joys, to the massive bugs, to the dreaded 2.0. The heartache that comes with being part of is what caught me off guard. I would have never dreamed that meeting someone on a Web site would mean as much to me as Drea did. Drea passed in 2007, and I was devastated by it. I had never met her in person but yet talked to her every day on The whole community was rocked to the core when Drea passed. She was honored with a spot on the front page of after her passing, which I think helped us as a community. I think when I got the phone call, I was taken aback and realized that was more than just a Web site to myself and other users. We truly are a community that feels and are not just numbers pecking away at this site. The staff members of keep this community together and are the rocks of this place. I was here when Snide was here and left, then the wonderful Missribs, she has now moved on we have Danmod, Jaxiecracks and Nilla_Chelle01 holding down the fort. I feel honored to work with them daily to make a great place to get the information you need or just meet some new people from around the world. Free space (say whatever you like, draw a picture, or do whatever you want):

Studog2961: I think this will be a great addition to the site, I feel honored to have been chosen to do this. Can't wait to see who else gets to spill in the future.

Many thanks to Studog2961 for chatting with us!

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