Lindsay Lohan, Please Consider Competing on The Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump has asked Lindsay Lohan to join the next cycle of Celebrity Apprentice, and as much as I hate both Lohan and reality TV, this really needs to happen. Lohan is apparently actually considering the gig, though her mom says she's very busy with three films in production. And by "three films in production" she means three large piles of cocaine. Lindsay, take the gig before you sell yourself as a slave to the Sultan of Sudan. [NY Post]

… Actor Jamie Hector heads up a charity called Moving Mountains, and he's come up with the coolest way to raise money for anything, ever: Playing paintball with the cast of The Wire. For real. You can actually take your paint-gat, point it at Omar Little, and pull the trigger. Or just poop your pants at the sight of Omar pointing his gun at you. That's what I'd do. [Moving Mountains]

Past Life is getting killed by Fox... again. The show, which tanked and was yanked last fall only to scheduled as a burn-off for this summer, is getting yanked again. Fox is pulling the drama in favor of repeats of The Good Guys. Someone please think of something funny to say… the irony of Past Life getting killed twice is too much. [Variety]

David Hasselhoff is a good sport. The Baywatch star has submitted himself to Comedy Central's series of celebrity roasts. The comedians who are participating have declared it the easiest gig ever. []

Jersey Shore "star" Snooki and former presidential candidate John McCain are tweeting about a common interest: their mutual hatred for Barack Obama. The two commiserated over Twitter about Obama taxing tanning salons, and McCain sounded awfully informed about Jersey Shore. Plus, he tweets like a girl. [MTV]

… Brit hardhead Vinnie Jones has joined NBC's superhero show The Cape as a man named Scales who looks like a reptile. I approve of this casting decision. [THR]

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