Lisa Edelstein on House

For the last five years, Lisa Edelstein has played Dr. Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro and object of Dr. House's very closeted affection on House. got the chance to talk with Edelstein about coming into her role as Dr. Cuddy, her rarely-seen baby Joy and working with smart people. How do you like the new feel of this season?

Lisa E: I love it. I love it because David Shore never lets himself get bored. They're always trying to dig deeper and find a new way and tell another story. You know, it's great working for smart people. It seems like Cuddy has a torturous relationship with her colleagues.

Lisa E: Yeah, poor girl. How did House become the well-oiled machine that it is?

Lisa E:The writing is so good that it just stays interesting. You know, the first season you're kind of finding your footing. And the second season you're just getting on a roll. And by the third season you feel like you're putting some meat on the bones, and it just gets more interesting and has more depth. As time goes by, what you're doing affects what the writers do. And so it becomes a mind-meld after a while. And it's not like they're writing Lisa Edelstein, because they're not. This character is very different from who I am as a human being. House isn't your typical medical procedural. How would you describe it?

Lisa E: I don't think we ever really were a procedural. I just think that at the beginning you have to establish what kind of stories you're telling, and then after a while you get the opportunity to start adding layers to that experience. So now that everyone's so familiar with all the people who work at Princeton-Plainsboro, you can start adding layers to who they are and what their outside lives are like. What's the future look like for you and House?

Lisa E: I haven't the faintest idea. What do you love about your role as Dr. Cuddy?

Lisa E: There's nothing better than getting to play a fake doctor, because no one will actually die from my lack of information.

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