Lisa Edelstein Will Be Back, But on a Different Drama, This Fall

… Former House star Lisa Edelstein ruffled fan feathers when she departed the series earlier this year. Well, Edelstein will be back this fall—just on a different drama. She’s booked a multi-episode arc on CBS’s The Good Wife, TVLine reports, where she’ll “share a past with Will,” Josh Charles’s character. [TVLine]

… Fox has announced its fall premiere dates. First, the important stuff: The Season 24 premiere of Cops will air on Saturday, Sept. 10. Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, here are some more dates of note: Glee will kick off its new season on Tuesday, Sept. 20. The Sunday “Animation Domination” lineup returns on Sept. 25 (with new addition Allen Gregory, about a pretentious 7-year-old voiced by Jonah Hill). House returns on Monday, Oct. 3, with Bones premiering on Thursday, Nov. 3. Simon Cowell’s much-hyped return to primetime TV, The X Factor, will premiere in two parts—with two hours airing on Wednesday, Sept. 21, and two more on Thursday, Sept. 22. Also debuting: Terra Nova, the network's huge-budget sci-fi show about dinosaurs and time travel, which will air Monday, Sept. 26. Finally, for more sci-fi goodness, Fringe returns on Friday, Sept. 23. [Fox, via press release]

Here’s a timetable. Mark those calendars!

Tuesday, September 20
8pm-9pm Glee
9pm-10pm New Girl
9pm-10pm Raising Hope

Wednesday, Sept. 21
8pm-9pm The X Factor (Series Premiere, Part 1)

Thursday, Sept. 22
8pm-10pm The X Factor (Series Premiere, Part 2)

Friday, Sept. 23
8pm-9pm Kitchen Nightmares
9pm-10pm Fringe

Sunday, Sept. 25
8pm-8:30pm The Simpsons
8:30pm-9:00pm The Cleveland Show
9:00pm-9:30pm Family Guy
9:30pm-10pm American Dad

Monday, Sept. 26
9pm-10pm Terra Nova

Monday, Oct. 3
9pm-10pm House

Sunday, Oct. 30
7:30pm-8pm The Cleveland Show (Time Period Premiere)
8:30pm-9pm Allen Gregory

Thursday, Nov. 3
9pm-10pm Bones (Season Premiere)

Wednesday, Nov. 23
9pm-10pm I Hate My Teenage Daughter

… Have you been missing Project Runway? Your wait is almost over! The ninth season will premiere July 28 on Lifetime, and the network is promoting it with a print campaign that features host and judge Heidi Klum in nothing but a pink satin tie. Celebrity judges this season will include Kim Kardashian, Malin Ackerman, Christina Ricci and Zoe Saldana. [THR]

Natalie Dormer, who played Anne Boleyn on Showtime’s The Tudors, has won a role on the second season of HBO’s awesome Game of Thrones. She’ll play Margaery Tyrell, pledged to marry the deceased King Robert’s brother. [EW]

Cory Monteith may play the straight-laced Finn on Glee, but he told Parade magazine that he’s “lucky to be alive” after abusing drugs in his late teens. What started with underage drinking and pot-smoking quickly spiraled into harder drugs. “[I would try] anything and much as possible. I had a serious problem.” He even stole to support his habit. Ten years later, a clean and sober Monteith became famous playing someone ten years younger. To think—he was one methface away from missing it all. [Parade via EW]

… Viacom, the corporate overlord of MTV and Nickelodeon, among other cable networks, is suing Cablevision to halt “unauthorized distribution” of its programming on the iPad via an app that streams Viacom's channels to the portable devices. Cablevision counters that the app turns the device into a television, and is thus covered by licensing agreements. What about Kabletown channels, though? I want my Twink TV! [Business Week]

… The National Enquirer is reporting that O.J. Simpson has already agreed to offer Oprah Winfrey her OWN-saving confession, but reps for Oprah say the story is false. It’s coming, though. All horrible instances of must-see exploito-journalism come to those who wait. [Daily News]

… John “Jim” Krasinski and Aaron Sorkin are collaborating on a mini-series fror HBO based on the nonfiction book Life At the Marmont, which tells decades’ worth of tales from inside the walls of the legendary L.A. hotel and celeb hangout The Chateau Marmont. Sorkin will write and executive produce, and Krasinski, for whom this is a passion project, is expected to play a role. Hopefully more will happen on the show than did in Sofia Coppola’s Marmont-set movie, Somewhere. [Deadline]

… Showtime is developing a project called Vinyl, about the crazy days of the music industry back in the 1970s, when it was still an industry worth talking about. [Deadline]

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