Live Q&A Chat with Carmine Giovinazzo of CSI: NY!

Join us on Wednesday, March 3rd at 1pm PT for a live Q&A; chat with Carmine Giovinazzo, Detective Danny Messer on CBS's hit crime drama CSI: NY!

Please note that although there is a scheduled time and date listed, this information is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. The best way to keep up is to sign up for an email reminder below, which will always be updated with the latest information. Your address will not be used in any other way apart from sending these reminder emails.

We’ll try our best to post as many questions as we can, but in order to keep the conversation flowing and easy to follow, every question or comment may not be posted. Think of this event as similar to a live Q&A.;

Important: Got a question but can't make the chat? Leave a comment with your question here. Check back after the chat for the replay and see if your question got answered!

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