Live Q&A Chat with Kerr Smith from the CW's Life Unexpected!

UPDATE: Please note that the chat is now on Thursday, January 14th at 11am PT

Join us for a live Q&A; chat with Kerr Smith from the CW's newest drama series Life Unexpected!

Life Unexpected is the story of Lux, a foster teen who is tired of being bounced from home to home. She requires the permission of both her biological parents in order to gain her freedom from child services, but when she tracks down mom and dad, there will be a few surprises in store for her. Kerr (from Dawson's Creek, CSI:NY, Charmed) plays Ryan Thomas, radio host and boyfriend to Cate Cassidy, Lux's mother.

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We’ll try our best to post as many questions as we can, but in order to keep the conversation flowing and easy to follow, every question or comment may not be posted. Think of this event as similar to a live Q&A.;

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