Logie's Hall of Fame shortlist

We analyse the contenders rumoured to be in the running for a prestigious Logie Award.

Media this week leaked the contenders in the running for the Logie Hall of Fame award -- the first time it has ever occurred.

TV Week will no doubt be disappointed that the list was apparently leaked to The Australian. The prestigious award is bestowed every year upon one individual or show and announced ahead of the event. Networks put forward a name which is then quietly selected by a jury.

It has been won by the likes of Bert Newton, Graham Kennedy, Garry McDonald, Hector Crawford, and in 2009 "Mr Movies" Bill Collins. But unlike traditional Logie categories, the competition remains a secret. Now the cat is out of the bag for 2010:

Brian Henderson
The legendary newsreader presented news from 1957 - 2002, an amazing innings by any record. With his signature "and that's the way it is" sign-off, "Hendo" was a trusted face for years on Nine. But he also presented the equally impressive music series Bandstand from 1958 - 1972, a forerunner to Countdown.

Ian Ross
Seven's Sydney newsreader began in television in 1965 and worked with Nine for 38 years. He retired briefly in 2003 until Seven lured him back to front the news. Considered an industry "nice-guy" "Roscoe" finally retired last year.

Brian Naylor
Melbourne's long-running newsreader for Channel Nine joined TV in 1957 at Channel Seven. Considered the king of his game, he was unseatable throughout his career. He also hosted kids shows Brian and the Juniors and Time for Terry in the '50s and '60s. Naylor is best known nationally for hosting Carols by Candlelight before Ray Martin. He retired in 1998 and sadly was killed in the Black Saturday bush fires of 2009.

George Negus
Another defiant personality in news and current affairs, Negus has done it all: 60 Minutes, Foreign Correspondent, and even George Negus Tonight. These days, the man who made Margaret Thatcher bristle when he asked if she was pig-headed is still a working journo/host and regular guest on Dateline and the 7pm Project respectively.

Ken Sutcliffe
Nine's sports guru joined TCN9 in 1979 and is best known as the host of Wide World of Sports. Whether it's Wimbledon or NRL, Sutcliffe is one of the best. And we even remember his stint beside Graham Kennedy on Coast to Coast news too.

Les Murray
After three years at TEN, Les Murray moved to SBS in 1980 where he has been ever since. The man defines World Cup soccer to television audiences, and even has an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) to prove it.

Maggie Tabberer
Already a Gold Logie winner, this doyenne of magazine publishing and media began television in 1964 on Beauty and the Beast. "Maggie T" as she is best known wraps up her last ever series of Maggie... At Home With for Foxtel.

Ray Meagher
How could we leave out Alf "Flamin" Stewart, the only original cast member of Home and Away's 21-year run? But he has a much longer small screen CV including roles on Mother and Son, Prisoner, Holiday Island, Kingswood Country, The Shiralee and Number 96.

The only TV show in the running is TEN's iconic series set at Wentworth Detention Centre, which ran from 1979 to 1986. What this series did for female actors in this country has never been matched, and it became a cult hit in the US and the UK. Recently celebrating its 30th anniversary, it remains beloved by fans the world over.

They are the nine contenders. Who is your pick?

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Mar 02, 2010
I'd vote for Alf!