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The 52nd TV Week Logie Awards will be held on May 2." link="/logie-awards/show/76973/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

What's in store for the industry's A-list and where will you hear the winners first?

The Australian TV industry is about to frock up for its annual shindig -- the 52nd TV Week Logie Awards.

Networks are organising their parties, designers are adding finishing touches to their frocks, producers are working overtime on every last detail, and Crown Casino is busy installing barricades, lighting, wiring, security and public seating at its front door. Love them or loathe them, the Logies are our number one event on the celebrity calendar.

Bookmakers have Rebecca Gibney pegged to take the Gold at $1.60, with Ray Meagher at $1.80. Next is Rove McManus at $13, Shaun Micallef at $17, Adam Hills at $26 and Esther Anderson, Paul McDermott and Wil Anderson all on $67.

Meagher is sentimental favourite with his 22 years on Home and Away, and TV Week as a soap magazine is closely aligned with the Seven show. Still, it wasn't enough to get Ian Smith over the line last year. Look out for Micallef, whose broadly appealing Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation could pose a threat to Gibney.

Meanwhile, Bert Newton, who had to address media reports about son Matthew entering rehab this week, is expected to show he still has what it takes to host. Bert is the Logies. It's been 17 years since he hosted solo, and unlike Gretel Killeen who made the mistake playing to camera rather than the room, Bert knows how to read a crowd. He'll probably get a standing ovation just for his entry.

But could it also be his swansong? After a lifetime in the biz, you couldn't ask for a better farewell than rave reviews for hosting the Logies. With GTV9 set to move from Richmond to the Melbourne Docklands next year, it would be a fitting time to close a most-remarkable chapter. But Bert loves to work. Success may well propel him on.

k.d. lang is the star performer thanks to Susan Boyle's cancellation. The show will open with Gabriella Cilmi and dancers from Fame. Also set to appear are John Mayer and Rogue Traders. And look out for a surprise musical tribute to another famous star.

This year the show ditches the red carpet as a separate show and will segue straight from the pre-recorded frocks to the opening. It also won't be live to air -- it never is. The show is usually about 40 minutes delayed from the Palladium. That means Twitter leaks will be the place to catch the news first.

Last year, celebrities surprised organisers by beating them to the punch. Try and stop them again.

Once again copying an American tradition, nominees and special guests will also take home a gift pack of home ware, swimwear, accessories, hair care, skincare and even eyelash extensions. Guess they don't earn enough to buy their own.

And by Monday morning will we have the annual "fallout stories"?

We all remember Karl Stefanovic's hosting of the Today show, along with criticism of Gretel Killeen. The Logies are famous for who said what, who didn't thank who, who snubbed who making headlines that will linger for a week.

Yes television's "night of night" is upon us. Hang on for dear life, people.

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