Logies voting overhauled

Home and Away veteran Ray Meagher waited over 20 years before receiving his first Logie." link="/logie-awards/show/76973/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

Big changes are underway for the 2011 TV Week Logie Awards.

To be held on May 1 at the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne, the decision-making process is being streamlined in order to allow for a more balanced and fair outcome.

The Logies are traditionally divided into two streams of awards: the Popular Awards voted for by the public, and the Outstanding Awards voted for by designated members of the industry.

An initial change will see public voting open two months earlier than usual, in an attempt to broaden the opportunity for TV fans to voice their opinions on the nominees.

The voting process will also now take place entirely online, as opposed to the combination of telephone and online voting that has occurred in the past.

Online voting has been an option since 2003 -- initially as a secondary method of voting -- but it has become the preferred method of casting votes in recent years.

The Outstanding Awards will now be chosen by a judging panel of independent industry experts only, rather than the previous combination of television executives and independent judges.

TV Week editor Emma Nolan said: "The Outstanding Awards have always represented an important and valued portion of the TV Week Logie Awards each year and we believe this evolution in the way that judges are chosen will better reflect the peer nature of these awards."

Home and Away is the most successful program in Logies history, having won 34 awards since it premiered in 1988. Neighbours is the second most successful with 30 wins since it began in 1985. A Country Practice follows as the third most successful program, taking home 29 awards throughout its 12-year run.

With the voting overhaul, it will be interesting to see if the pattern of winners changes.

Do you vote in the Logies Awards?

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Oct 13, 2010
I wonder if these changes mean that some people with actual talent will win them for a change? (Kudos to Rebecca Gibney though, one of our best performers.) I used to vote every year but not now, not for over a decade when they started handing them out to just about anybody whom they thought might like them ...
Oct 12, 2010
No, any award show that awards mediocrity (ie Home and Away) is lost to me. When the Logies start awarding decent acting I'll tune in - soapies are rarely awarded in the states, yet here we treat them like the creme de la creme of australian television. Please, thats just insulting to the quality shows, and top class actors that we do produce every year.
Oct 08, 2010
I vote in the Logie Awards every year! Will be interesting to see if giving fans more time to vote will have any effect at all. This means that Logie voting will start in December 2010 because it usually starts in the February before the Logies.

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