Lost... and Some Other Stuff

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Today's installment of Safe for Work shall be divided into two groups. And you can probably guess what those two groups are.

Select Lost Links:

Here's what the series finale meant, according to Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew Fox. And if they say it, it must be true.

6 seasons? Psh, humans are so slow. Cats can tell the story in one minute.

Jimmy Fallon asked the cast some tough questions.

... Why did the LA Times rank every episode? So you could comment angrily on it.

... The Island was once home to some fascinating folks. And some really worthless people, too.

... If you want to keep torturing yourself, watch these alternate endings. It's your choice.

... Here's a look back at the show's greatest memes—because what is TV in the 2000s without its internet in-jokes?

Select Found Links (See what I did there?):

Glee is going Gaga tomorrow. I'm hiding my excitement by using periods instead of exclamation points.

Here's a video of a random guy channeling Ian McKellen channeling the Fresh Prince. Why not?

... On Friday, Aziz Ansari tweeted: "Dear Internet, please create ParksandRecGIFS.tumblr.com. Thanks, Aziz." And then this happened. Look at the power that this man wields!

... 30 Rock's Liz Lemon is the Carrie Bradshaw of the recession era. Not sure if that's a compliment.

... Speaking of Carrie, she totally switched computers in SATC2! Traitor!

... Y'all caught the Coco shout-out on Community, right?

... Come fall, we're going to get a heavy dose of 80s TV throwbacks.

... These people are the most powerful bunch in reality TV.

... Won't you miss all the stars of Law and Order?

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