Lost ending in two years?

The many questions of ABC's Lost may finally get some answers...by 2009, anyway.

The adventures of Kate, Sawyer, Jack, and the rest of the island-bound survivors will end in two more seasons, according to E! Online. Citing the ever-anonymous inside source, the Web site says the network will announce the news in the next few weeks.

Season four is also said to kick off later than the usual fall date and will begin in January so the network can air back-to-back episodes, according to E!. While nothing is set in stone, the sources also believe the show will abandon its Wednesday 10 p.m. slot in favor of something more primetime friendly.

With Lost in its third season and no certain end in sight, fans have complained that the show is posing more questions than answers. Some believe frustrated fans' ambivalence has grown, resulting in declining ratings. Should the rumors be true, it could allow the show's writers to mop up the dangling ends with an eye on a series finale, enticing viewers to rejoin the drama.

Reps for ABC had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

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