Lost, Explained on Post-Its

If you're as lost as I am when it comes to Lost, here's a kid who explains it all clearly. With Post-Its.

Last night on American Idol, Dane Cook got Kanye'd by Ian Bernardo during a tribute to Simon Cowell. I can't make this stuff up.

Just a reminder, Bret Michaels is definitely back and in effect. On Idol.

Art Linkletter, the man who inspired kids to say the darndest things, passed away yesterday at the age of 97. Here he is talking to Larry King about aging and his life.

TV soundtracks sure make a difference in how a show feels; here are a few extreme remixes, including Lost as a sitcom and Different Strokes as a spooky drama:


... Here's what some folks thought were the best moments of this worst season of American Idol.

... And here's a little more Linkletter love.

... That new AT&T; commercial, the one with all the orange cloth, totally ripped off world renowned artist duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

... Love Firefly? Confess your devotion to the show and win this fancy book.

... Turns out that TV writers were pretty twisted this season.

... Get your post-Loser dose of Jillian Michaels with this interview about her new show.

... MTV's newest series about a well-endowed high schooler may have been inspired by this Upright Citizen's Brigade sketch.

... Adam Lambert's ensembles for his new video are part Burning Man, part Liberace.

... This news reporter shows just how easy it is for prowlers to break into your car. (Spoiler: It's not so easy.)

... If the cast of Jersey Shore is still relevant in 2014, will they do the half time show at the Superbowl?

... First Hawaii Five-O, and now Charlie's Angels. Here are a few pointers for those considering reviving the classic.

... Why go outside this summer, when you've got so much TV watching to do?

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