Lost Girl: A Fae Day Party Foul

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Lost Girl S01E09: "Fae Day"

I get it, Lost Girl. Last week’s episode was really heavy. You needed to lighten the mood a little. It made perfect sense to do so this week.

I just wish you hadn’t felt the need to act like the events of "Vexed" never happened.

My main problem is that "Vexed" made some serious changes in character dynamics, so to act like its events never occurred literally took us one step forward and two steps back. Even though she's still frustrated with both the Fae and Dyson, the fury she felt last week seems to have evaporated.

To be fair, the characters were up front about it. When Kenzi asked Bo about the events from last week, Bo insisted it never happened. She wasn’t just telling Kenzi she didn’t want to talk about it, audience, she was aiming that straight at us. “Last week? Nothing happened last week! Just enjoy another adventure!” Dur.

This week’s particular adventure began with a huge Fae gathering to celebrate their biggest holiday, La Shoshain, down at Dal Riata. I’m with Kenzi on this one, though: Fae Day is a waaaay better name. Let’s just call it that.

The party was going great until the harpist suddenly got up, screamed, and ran away. That was Trick's cue to ask everyone but the five noble families to leave: See, the harpist was a Banshee, and her screaming meant someone in one of the families was going to die.

Dyson went to investigate and asked Bo to tag along. And since it’s NOT LIKE THEY JUST HAD A HUGE FIGHT OR ANYTHING, she agreed. Listen, I don’t mind that they’re working together again, I just wish Bo would have been a little bit angrier about it. Just before leaving, Dyson had a little chit-chat with Trick about how they both know who Bo’s mom is, and that she was totally on her way over at that very minute.

But did Bo need to know? Nah.

This is gonna go GREAT, Trick. No way it's gonna blow up in your face.

I loved Kenzi pigging out on the food for the nobles, by the way. Occupy Fae Day, Kenzi! Also loved that while hanging around the bar, she started wagering with a Fae about who was the most likely to die. Very classy. He was all for the 900-year-old man, who was probably about to die anyway. Safe bet.

After force-feeding the Banshee a smoothie made of liver, Bo and Dyson learned that the man who was meant to die was called Sean Cavanaugh, and he would be dead by the end of the day. After returning to the bar, it turned out that Kenzi’s new buddy was Sean Cavanaugh. Naturally.

Nice one, 900-year-old dude sticking it in everyone else’s face that you’re still alive. You were the best part of this episode!

Learning that her new friend was about to die did not seem to bother Kenzi at all. She was really blasé about it, but that makes sense; it’s not like three episodes ago she almost died, herself—OH WAIT. Looks like last week's episode isn’t the only one we’re supposed to forget about. I guess it’s possible that we’re supposed to assume Kenzi’s near-death experience gave her new perspective, so now she would want to help someone in the same situation. I just wish that if this were the case, we had gotten some kind of nod to that effect.

Otherwise... kinda seems like the writers forgot about what happened in "Food for Thought."

So, the one thing Sean wanted before he died was to reconcile with his brother, Liam, a Dark Fae. Bo agreed to make it happen, and then, all smiles and cleavage, asked for Dyson's help. Remember when Dyson said, "no more favors" last episode? Yeah, me neither. But last episode felt even further away when, while staking out Liam’s office, Bo told Dyson (totally un-ironically, by the way), “I trust you without a second thought.” Seriously? Way too soon! Stop the trust train!

Back at the bar, Kenzi wanted Sean to spend his last day having fun. Kenzi, what did you do when you were dying? You hung out at a cemetery! Regardless, instead of chilling at the bar, Kenzi and Sean hotwired a car. Little known fact: You can’t actually use your powers on humans on Fae Day, but stealing their cars is just fine. They also attempted to visit Sean’s dad for some family fun time, but all he wanted to do was talk about wills and paperwork and other boring stuff, so Sean and Kenzi peaced out.

Meanwhile, Liam wasn’t too surprised to hear that his brother was going to die, mostly because he'd hired some Goblins to go kill him. Why such a grudge against his seemingly harmless brosef? Because years ago, Sean told the police that Liam stole $30,000 from one of their family’s clients, which Sean was pretty sure Liam did do. Sean felt bad about it, but figured he did the right thing, so what could he do? Water is thicker than blood, right? Thanks to Bo and Dyson, Liam's Goblin attack was unsuccessful.

But the day wasn’t over.

Sean decided to confront his brother with a crossbow. Excellent choice! Bo, Dyson, and Kenzi showed up to stop him (No! It was going to be so awesome!), and Bo invoked Agallamh. She had been reading up on Fae Day from a book Trick gave her, and learned that by calling for Agallamh she could make any two people talk about their feelings instead of resorting to violence. Sounds very therapeutic, except that Bo’s reading comprehension turned out to be terrible, and really what happens is that if the two people don’t sort out their differences, whoever invoked Agallamh dies.

Agallamh commenced, and…

The Agallamh didn’t go so well, until Kenzi SOMEHOW realized that it must have been the guys' father who stole the money! Because she saw him reading about a boxing match? So he must be a gambler? Those were some pretty big leaps. Even worse, though, was that the father, knowing he had something to hide, willingly joined the Agallamh. Why would he do that? Why would he even come to the bar? It didn’t make a ton of sense. And still doesn't.

Minor sidenote: Was Kenzi reading out of the untranslated version of the book? That book she was holding looked exactly like the one that Bo earlier said was in a strange language. Does Kenzi speak ancient Fae languages all of a sudden?

Anyway, the brothers managed to put aside their differences and it looked like it was turning out to be a happy Fae Day, after all, until an angry investor shot at Liam. Sean took the bullet, which confirmed the Banshee’s prediction. Banshee FTW.

Overall, "Fae Day" was a weak episode. The concept was great, but the story had a lot of holes. And when you include the character development gaps—Bo and Dyson's sudden return to cuddly love-buddies and Kenzi's neglect to remember what a near-death experience is like—it turned this episode into nothing short of a train wreck.


– Where was Lauren this episode? Chilling with the Ash?

– If you knew you were about to die, would stealing a car be on your bucket list?

– Did these brothers seem like the most boring Fae we’ve met so far? Sure, one was trying to kill the other, but they were both accountants.

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