Lost Girl: Bo and Lauren's Excellent Adventure, Minus the Excellence

Lost Girl S02E8: "Death Didn't Become Him"

This week's episode of Lost Girl reminded me of that old short story "The Monkey's Paw," about two people who are gifted a magical monkey paw that grants wishes. With each wish they make, their life gets progressively worse... until eventually their only son is a zombie clawing at their front door. Okay, so aside from the zombie cameo, "Death Didn't Become Him" isn't a perfect plot reflection—but my personal experience while watching certainly was.

Wishing for more Kenzi has become a running theme in my Lost Girl reviews, but after this week all I can say is, "Nooo! Not like this!" I mean, did the writers just come up with a lame B-story just to give Kenzi something to do? Forcing her and Hale to babysit a spoiled Fae was about as boring as it sounds. What happens next week—will they have to dog-sit a pampered Fae pooch?

It wouldn't have been so bad if the A-story hadn't been so strong. That scene where a World War II general and an Annie Oakley look-alike teamed up to rob some graves was one of the best things to ever happen on my television. Those two could have their own show right there. Especially if Annie Oakley keeps lassoing caretakers.

So Trick's oldest friend asked for help after the corpse of his husband, Kristoff, was stolen. The story unfolded: Kristoff was reanimated by a Lich, a type of undead wizard who prolongs his life by trapping it in an object, kind of like Lord Voldemort. If you want more info, ask anyone who plays Dungeons & Dragons; there are some earlier stories that involve Liches, but most people who are familiar with the term know it from D&D.; I'm guessing this episode's writer is no stranger to polyhedral dice.

The Lich in this week's episode collected humans of various eras who possessed various talents, so he could be entertained by them throughout eternity. Kind of like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure... minus the excellent adventure, and plus a lot of creepiness. Man, the guy playing that Lich really gave me the chills. I can't even think about the sun without getting a burn, but the paleness of that guy's skin was sickening. I'd say it's a shame he can't be a recurring villain—he was a great antagonist—but quite frankly, I never want to have to look at that guy's face again.

The Lich invited Bo to bring a guest (as long as the guest wasn't a Light Fae, you know, so she wouldn't have any protection) to come see his historical human pets perform. Bo, who'd obviously never heard of a "trap" before, agreed to go. She brought Lauren, which was a terrible idea, because, surprise! Trap. The Lich had seen a lot of things, but he'd never seen a Succubus feed before. So he chained up Lauren and Bo, and told Bo that if she didn't feed he'd kill them both. Bo was having none of it, and even after getting shot she refused to use Lauren to heal.

This brought about quite an interesting reveal: If Bo doesn't feed to heal, she doesn't just die—she turns into some kind of Galadriel-esque, monologue-lovin', red-glowing badass. Whatever it is, it certainly does not seem to be in the normal Succubus purview. In this state, she can suck the chi out of a crowd of people (or...un-people? What would you call the Lich's entourage?) without even touching them. And, since the Lich had been storing his chi in his entourage, doing so left him powerless. Bo used the moment of Lich weakness to ask about the nail The Morrigan gave her a few episodes back. He told her that Lauren's girlfriend isn't sick—she's cursed. If they can find the piece of wood with the other nail in it, they'll free her.

Dun dun dun! I really liked that plot development. It opens up so many questions and provides so many new angles for the show to explore. But overall, I didn't love this episode, even though it was a vast improvement over last week's unnecessary stripper-fest. It feels like Lost Girl is building up to something big; I wish it'd just get there already and stop wasting time with strippers and drunk rich girls. However, if the writers want to waste my time with more grave-robbing historical figures, I'm all about it.


1. Who do you think is cursing Nadia?

2. Will Hale ever get to do anything exciting?

3. If a Lich invited you to an afternoon of entertainment, would you back out assuming shenanigans, or would you go anyway out of curiosity?

4. If you were a reanimated historical grave robber, what time period would you be from and what would be your special skill?

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